Trump said: Putin sent military aircraft to fly over The Pentagon, the United States was silent

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Trump said: Putin sent military aircraft to fly over The Pentagon, the United States was silent

2017-08-12 16:31:57 523 ℃

Carrying a Russian inspectors Russian figure -154 aircraft, flying over The Pentagon, the White House and The United States Capitol, located in the suburbs of Washington, the U.S. government and U.S. secret secret bunker building over 9 days local time in low altitude. At present, President Trump is not in the White House, the Russian military machine but also the way to leave the city of Muenster, Trump in a circle, "see" Trump. The United States came many questioned the voice, after all these positions are very sensitive. But in fact, before Russia has signed "open skies treaty", so there is the Russian military flights over the United States to happen, this is a legitimate in the future will become the norm of the mission.

According to U.S. media reports, the Russian figure -154 aircraft not only Russian inspectors, also equipped with the U.S. Air Force representative. The Russian military aircraft flight is carried out in accordance with the 1992 European security organizations signed in the Finland capital of Helsinki "open skies treaty" legitimate flight, at that time a total of 27 member countries signed the agreement. "Open skies treaty" given all the signatories to each other over the territory and non military investigation rights come into effect in 2002, the implementation of the international treaty is mainly used to check. Currently the world's 30 countries have joined the treaty, Russia in May 2001 to join the treaty. The United States in April this year has sent a OC-135B aircraft on the territory of Russia by the line of investigation, on the machine is also equipped with the United States and Czech inspectors.

While the Russian figure -154 aircraft, the mission developed in 1966, the initial design is to replace the -104 of a civil aircraft. Figure -154 on 1968 the first flight, 1971 officially delivered Airlines began to take flight. The machine is on the Boeing 727 and some similar, take T tail layout and the layout of the three engines in the tail. Figure -154 is a Soviet made plane universal characteristics, reliable structure; excellent performance on takeoff runway requirements is not high, and even landed in the snow on the runway; but the interior comfort is poor, the performance space is also slightly lower than that of Western aircraft. The aircraft is in addition to the fastest Cruise Aircraft outside the aircraft, but has been officially discontinued in 2006.

The type of aircraft since the launch occurred many safety accidents, the accident rate is as high as 6.5%, best known as Poland's president in 2010 Catchings gene plane crash died of accident, the president of Poland at the time of the map is -154 passenger plane ride. But at the same time and figure -154 Boeing 727 also has 6% accident rate. The cause of the crash and the aircraft's flight -154, flight environment is too harsh to high frequency and maintenance level is not up to the basic requirements and other factors, the design is not what defect. The Russian mission map -154 should be specially modified for military investigation, a considerable number of reconnaissance equipment with which to perform photos and information collection work. (a little adorable)