Pay attention to? Now is not a pair of Bhutan suffered China "invasion" of the performance of some

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Pay attention to? Now is not a pair of Bhutan suffered China "invasion" of the performance of some

2017-08-12 16:32:22 192 ℃

In order to give their troops to Lai to find an excuse Chinese territory, India has been trying to force Bhutan out to the site, but that is a small tight control of India obviously in soft resistance, make New Delhi more and more embarrassing.

India media 10, dished out a so-called "unnamed officials" the statement, said the government position on the long hole area is very clear, public statements can refer to the official website of the Ministry of foreign affairs of bhutan. This was released on June 29th said in a statement, Chinese road in the long hole area, in violation of the agreement between the parties.

Just two days ago, Chinese foreign ministry officials said at the reception of the India media delegation, Bhutan has admitted through diplomatic channels, the confrontation between China and India long hole area, not the Bhutanese territory, "the Bhutanese also wondered why India border troops will enter Chinese territory". The latest excuse India army crossed into China land is that it is "Bhutan protection", in Bhutan requests to protect its territory, the attitude of Bhutan will undoubtedly make New Delhi look.

The India garrison in Bhutan, the general control of the sovereign state of defence and foreign affairs.Because of India's opposition, have no diplomatic relations with Bhutan UN Wuchang, India to Bhutan's control force is probably the unique relationship between big and small countries in the world. So India has the ability to "teach officials speak".

India media quoted unnamed officials as saying the Bhutan is India reporter called "ask", the Indian and Bhutanese officials strong helpless as can be imagined. In such a major issue, Indian media quoted unnamed officials have defended the Bhutan words for their military action, Indian media they should also know that this information is to fool the public.

The name of the name of the Indian army Bhutan border, and Bhutan's attitude is basically by India reported so far, foreign minister over Bhutanese officials did not stand out publicly said Sino Indian military confrontation "Bhutan territory", has not publicly said the country's request for the Indian army to stop China Road construction. New Delhi is full of irrational, in his own statement posing as Bhutan's attitude.

India foreign minister Svard Raj and foreign minister Danzi Dorji held a meeting on the 11 day of Bhutan, Bhutan foreign minister Danzi Dorji said after the meeting, I hope the confrontation between China and India can be resolved in a peaceful way "," any results should be made with India ", he also did not say Bhutan to the India military cross-border request.

India foreign minister Svard Raj and foreign minister Danzi Dorji held a meeting on the 11 day of Bhutan

Bhutan clearly wants to keep neutrality of India confrontation, it does not have a China "invasion", and urged India to fight Chinese. It is in India say stress and India is very different, and it is less a less one, it was not to be the Indian army as an excuse to use, do not want to be caught in between India and Chinese confrontation. It is not difficult to foresee, New Delhi will further pressure to bhutan.

India is bullying Bhutan, it reasons in international law is completely untenable, it is clear at a glance. If in turn, is Chinese doing the same thing to India, Chinese so oppressed surrounding a small country, the United States and other Western media have called up. Western public opinion on India's obvious barbaric acts as if not see, simply because they want to see India Chinese and therefore ask why provocation.

Comprehensive strength in India from a country standard far, but its "regional hegemony ambition" is exemplary. It is of small countries in South Asia have shown a different degree of brutality. When it annexed Sikkim, now a serious violation of the sovereignty of Bhutan, Nepal and other countries diplomatic line interference. The former British colony from the suzerain inherited the old age that set, it was in twenty-first Century, but in nineteenth Century the diplomatic thinking. Because India has been the Western draw the object, a lot of bad practices by the connivance of the United States and its allies.

Western conniving New Delhi, does not mean that Chinese will indulge in it. India regional hegemony has expanded to harm the interests of the state Chinese degree, China must take action to curb. China argues that countries are equal regardless of size, it is necessary to promote the Chinese claim to the south by diffusion, it will certainly interfere country India popular in Bhutan, nepal. Chinese also have the power to affect those countries to India attitude change, Pakistan and India, the situation should dominate the south towards the end.

Chinese is a permanent member of the Security Council, we can also through the platform of the United Nations condemned India's invasion of South Asia country sovereignty, let India pay more. Dong Lang confrontation is just a beginning, in South India did what, should be gradually opened the lid, let the whole world see.

The Global Times editorial today, the original title: the neutral posture of Bhutan to India too much to handle

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