The first two content adaptation! "The king of animation game" publicity map news

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The first two content adaptation! "The king of animation game" publicity map news

2017-08-12 22:55:01 598 ℃

Yesterday was to bring the novel "the king" game animation news. At present, the animation of the official website has been officially opened, and the public propaganda figure, picture and other news story characters. This animation is based on adaptation of the same name series total exceeded 8 million popular works. The animation will be the first series "the king" and "king game second" ultimate game two works as the basis for adaptation, made into an original story which works.

The protagonist Kimsawa Nobuki because something happened before school, transfer to a new high school. Although he initially because of a school things and the students can get close, but in sports class relay competition as an opportunity, he gradually into the class. But at the moment, the class all the students have received from a mobile phone called the "King" of the information. Although the class thought is a practical joke, but only know the meaning of Kimsawa Nobuki, for the upcoming game of death upset......

The animation will be from October began to broadcast in AT-X, TOKYO, MX BS11, made "my wife is" student president and other works is responsible for the production of SEVEN. Sasaki Ka served as director, screenwriter Tian Jianzhi responsible for ancient anger. The protagonist Kimsawa Nobuki will be responsible for the dubbing by Miyano Mari, Yui Horie, Hama Nobuya, Matsuoka and other well-known voice actors. His beauty will be the voice of.

Kimsawa Nobuki (CV Miyano Mari)

Honda Natsuko (CV Yui Horie)

Iwamura Riai (CV:Pile)

Honda Chiemi (CV:M A O)

Akamatsu Kenta (CV Sasaki Yusuke)

Matsumoto Rio (CV Uehara Ari).

Hashimoto Naoya (CV Tachibana Shinnosuke)