The visual map open, OP theme song by 18 female chorus CV

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The visual map open, OP theme song by 18 female chorus CV

2017-08-12 22:55:01 91 ℃

The Mobile Games broadcasting began scheduled for July TV animation "fighting woman school" music intelligence and the main visual map open. In the main visual diagram of the open, 18 "Star" to keep their swing posture.

This time, with public OP "Tel -" is from the Internet have nano, the 18 "Star" by the popularity of the theme song for us to bring voice chorus, can be said to be very huge lineup.

OP singing members:

Xingyue Miki (CV Sasaki Aya)

If the leaves ang (CV: Sakura Aya sound)

A Haiyao incense (CV: amenomiya days)

Amano Mochi (CV Higashiyama Nao)

Fire to the wells Lily (CV: Osaka Japanese construct terms)

Boramae walnut (CV: Saori Hayami)

Huang on Kanon (CV: Du Feng)

In the poem the city branch (CV: purple wild)

Grain Xiao apricot (CV: mountains, Pennsylvania)

Qin Zelianhua (CV: Nanjo is love)

Nan koidzumi (CV: mutsumi Tamura)

Rattan palace Sakura (CV Hisano Mi)

To the South (CV Igarashi Yumi)

Ni Sha flowers (CV: UMODE BI)

Thousands of College Guide (CV: Feng Kido blowing clothes)

Cotton wood Michelle (CV Kato Emiri)

Our beautiful heart (CV: Harada better and construct)

HASUMI urala (CV Uchida Marei)

"Set time fighting game for women's school" in 2045, many of the life "" the invasion of the world. Game player is a new tree into the peak of women's school teacher, the school has a game player need to organize the tree force of female students (star guard) and many of the creatures to fight and save the world.