Fire Emblem "unparalleled" new screenshots two hot hair girl

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Fire Emblem "unparalleled" new screenshots two hot hair girl

2017-08-12 22:55:07 147 ℃

Updated the "glorious tecmo Fire Emblem is matchless" at the official website today, announced the two women role information.

The two men are from the "Fire Emblem: the fate of" female Robin (CV: Miyuki sawashiro), and "the awakening" Fire Emblem: Cordelia (CV Okada Eimi).

Female Robin


In addition to update some screenshots, describes some of the details in the game.

Using the advantage of weapons can increase the damage to the enemy, causing the stun effect. Vertigo can cause more damage. Weapons to attack specific enemy with special effects, can also cause more damage.

The cavalry can move quickly on the battlefield, there are also some special attack effect. Some areas can only make flying troops through.

The hero of the path can be adjusted in the process of fighting, can let the hero perform further instruction to achieve specific instructions.

During the battle, you can switch between the four heroes.

The fetters of system in the game, can trigger a specific dialogue.

Killed on the Battlefield Heroes cannot reborn.

The game will be released on September 28th, landing Switch and 3DS.

Game screenshots:

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