Domestic aircraft carrier latest progress gratifying! China already has the most advanced shipbuilding capability in the world

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Domestic aircraft carrier latest progress gratifying! China already has the most advanced shipbuilding capability in the world

2017-08-26 20:15:00 434 ℃

After China's first domestic aircraft carrier launched in April 26th has been affected by the attention of the nation, according to the online exposure picture shows, is currently outfitting aircraft carriers recently conducted a water drainage work, take a bow from the anchor mouth washing chain. According to the picture shows, ship Island put up scaffolding, there are Internet users guess domestic aircraft carrier or phased array radar being installed. Some media reports that the domestic aircraft carrier has been power tested, the engine power supply can be independent, we can proudly say to the outside world, China said that it already has the world's most advanced shipbuilding capabilities.

Compared with the domestic aircraft carrier Liaoning ship aircraft already in service, in addition to the structure has been improved, but also optimize the maximum degree of internal facilities and electronic systems, from the existing picture information disclosure, domestic carrier ship island is the biggest change in many facilities also discussed most aspects, because the new aircraft will be equipped with X band active the domestic most advanced phased array radar, can make the aircraft carrier with 360 degree scanning coverage, detection distance of more than 400 kilometers, because Chinese scientific research workers of the Varyag design completely understand, so there is no conservative design completely follow the Varyag, domestic carrier superstructure significantly heightened, base is much smaller than the Liaoning ship, netizens a democracy dubbed the wind, Soviet aircraft carrier and the dubious origin of Liaoning ship, ship Island maximum saving space, can be In order to install multi ship borne weapons, expand the hangar and so on. Most importantly, such a ship island shape design will help improve the stealth performance of the aircraft carrier. In addition, the installation position of the phased array radar and Liaoning ship has different layout and 052D destroyers are similar to that of the antenna array is divided into two groups, facing both sides inclined front arranged behind a backward inclined, is also looking to save space. We can see from the pictures, the domestic carrier ship Island small amplitude high longitudinal tensile and transverse shortening, in accordance with the present domestic ship design and construction level, see small is not a problem in the future, a domestic carrier will be realized.

Since this year, power jack is the naval station equipment into the establishment of Triumphant news keeps pouring in., upgrading of the various types of warships to the following dumplings rate soared, Chinese Navy into the three generation as the backbone of the battle equipment system.