India and China to fight a nuclear war between the two armed forces who will win? China plus the true brother will be a big reversal of the outcome

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India and China to fight a nuclear war between the two armed forces who will win? China plus the true brother will be a big reversal of the outcome

2016-07-21 21:37:10 544 ℃

India has been catching up with the development of China's weapons in recent years, while China has not put India as the number one opponent: China's top priority is the U.S. military, India's nuclear strategy is not only China, and Pakistan. In order to maintain the India army in this area, the best weapons and equipment, it is very early to catch up with the arms race between China and pakistan.

According to the analysis of foreign military sites in China has long begun to upgrade their large-scale ballistic missile base, the base is located in the depth of the ground. In addition to the already stationed in the region of Dongfeng 4 medium range missiles, Chinese rocket army has placed a long-range missile DF-31 and DF-31A to military buildup,Therefore, not only to deter including the whole of India, including the southern part of India.

India chief military science and technology experts also claimed that India ballistic missile technology, has advanced to be able to shoot anywhere in Pakistan, and any city in China, there is not a target of the Indian army would like to play but not. China has never regarded India as an imaginary enemy,And no weapon was designed specifically for India.

And current situation of China's tactical missile has been the team to make the Indian strategic missile forces fear mobile strike forces, including Dongfeng - 15, Dongfeng - 16, Dongfeng 21 ballistic missile, Dongfeng f-10a (Sword - 10) cruise missile and so on. Dongfeng -15A is one of the main tactical missiles in China. The launch preparation time is 10 minutes, warhead installed a small motor propulsion system, a substantial increase in accuracy and penetration ability of the missile.

The -15 missile adopts detachable warhead, which further improves the accuracy of the missile attack, and the actual hit precision is less than 20 meters. And Dongfeng -15 ballistic missiles only overseas equipment country is Pakistan, Pakistan in the end of 90s when the Chinese ordered 60 Dongfeng -15 tactical missiles. At that time, the face of India, Pakistan earth -1 tactical missile threat, and that time China sent a timely Palestinian iron 60 Dongfeng -15 tactical missiles, in contrast to the nuclear power, the Palestinian iron did not lose to India.This matter also to the Palestinian side expressed its willingness to fight for china.Currently Pakistan iron has 300 nuclear bombs.

The news from China is in the western region deployment sword - 10 cruise missile, cruise missile powerful is well known, in the Gulf War the United States launched the hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles, surgical strikes on Iraqi. According to foreign military experts said, China is following the United States and Russia, the success of a third developed countries of cruise missile, and sword f-10a cruise missile due to the use of satellite guidance technology, target recognition, hit accuracy control in the 5-10 meters, completely unaffected by the range.

And if fired from a submarine in the sea, submarine launched version of the sword - 10 cruise missile can automatically find the target, and can be equipped with nuclear warheads. According to Indian media speculation, so far the Chinese sword - 10 cruise missile submarine launched version is with the yuan class submarines are exported to Pakistan (Pakistan Navy disposable bought eight ships made in China the yuan class submarines, contract amount reached $50 billion).

At the same time, China has been delivered to the Pakistan Air Force CM-400AKG empty shoot cruise missile, the missiles are primarily equipped JF-17 fighter jet can perform nuclear strike. From the current point of view, India has 400 warheads, and China according to foreign is not the correct analysis is 400 pieces of bomb (the number of the author has been in doubt). But Pakistan iron has 300 nuclear bombs, even if China has only 400 nuclear bombs, but if the attack, Pakistan will certainly hit the iron hand,

At that time, only the nuclear power of the Palestinian iron was enough to destroy more than 80% of the target.

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