North Korea, Japan, fighting hard, there is a big country benefit! Just shearing Japanese wool, 50 billion of it

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North Korea, Japan, fighting hard, there is a big country benefit! Just shearing Japanese wool, 50 billion of it

2017-09-01 09:34:32 295 ℃

Author: Zhao Junfeng

The United States around shanfengdianhuo provoke conflict, then sell arms, this isn't what secret. In Northeast Asia, America's eyes have never been removed. While the United States is looking for a big headache, the fiery temper of North Korea is again ignited by the "free guards" of the United States and Korea. "If you threaten me, I will frighten Japan."! North Korea's fire spread to Japan, and missiles flew overhead from japan! Japan was terrified and asked the United States, "Japan needs protection."! I am willing to spend money!

Shocked Japan is eager to secure a security by paying protection fees. In August 31, Kyodo news, Japan's defense ministry decided on the 31 included in the relevant funds including military reorganization, a total of 5 trillion and 255 billion 100 million yen in the 2018 annual budget estimates (about RMB 313 billion 800 million yuan, 2.5% higher than the original budget year 2017).

Japan wants to use the money to buy American security. The budget estimate requirement wrote, "the air defense forces ground to air interceptor missile" Patriot -3 "(PAC-3) improved paragraph" PAC-3MSE "will also be purchased with 20 billion 500 million yen. In addition, it is planned to renovate the existing automatic alert control system at 10 billion 700 million yen to strengthen the "high ballistic track" to raise the launching height and lead to interception difficulties". In order to improve the detection capability of ballistic missile, the estimated budget requirements include about 19 billion 600 million yen for developing new generation of next generation warning control radar (MIMO).

Although you are the world's third largest economy, Japan's economy has been stagnant after the bloodletting in the United states. In the treatment of Andouble economics several rounds of drastic action, the Japanese economy is still no signs of recovery, but Andouble in order to China and containment took a lot of political and economic resources, in politics, Andouble has been advancing in the rightist Road, suffering from Andouble agitation in gradually lost the trust of Japanese voters, the support rate declined.

Originally, Japan wanted to provoke China to achieve the goal of developing armaments, but China was not seen as japan. On the one hand, to strengthen military strength, on the one hand continue to hold high the banner of peaceful rise, and economic ties with the world more and more closely, that is, Japan's master son, the United States can not easily and China hard. Once Japan and China fell out, not only accounted for less than cheap, it will affect the economic recovery. At the China strategic bombers constantly in the activities surrounding Japan, gradually become the norm, Japan is more and more used, no initial allergic reaction frequently fighters scrambled to shout and wrangle, interception. Now, not only do we exaggerate the facts, make a big fuss, but also look objectively at the emergence of Chinese military forces in international airspace, and have to say that Japan's adaptability is still strong.

The missile North Korea can be said to give Andouble a shot in the arm, Andouble finally caught a straw, with the North Korean threat as an excuse to minimize risk and maximize profit. North Korea and Japan have little or no economic ties, and can freely exaggerate North Korea's threats without worrying about economic interests. Have a good excuse for protection that can pay a lot to the United States, the United States took the opportunity to request the lock in Japan on the neck of the chain loosen, achieve greater autonomy, and can take the opportunity to expand the Japanese military force, continue to promote Andouble's dream of so-called normal country. Japan's right deviation has already aroused the national vigilance, this time certainly will not let the North Korea threaten this golden opportunity, continues to move towards the road to the right.

The appetite is too big, and looking ahead, the whole world has little sheep. The United States and Saudi Arabia Qatar to provoke conflicts in the Middle East, the two sides to sell a pen. Then, India was encouraged to provoke China, and when China flashed all kinds of advanced weapons, the frightened India went to the United States, and India, like other people's money, wantonly bought American arms. Southeast Asia is some thin sheep, the United States not only can not cut wool, but have to feed sheep, you can only put it first. In looking for the next target very worried when Japanese sent in, the Japanese gestures in the eyes of Trump is so cute!

Japan is willing to spend money to buy comfort, who can not control, the North Korean missile threat this small straw can save Abe's political life is still unknown. But can confirm that "can do" Trump won a big deal for American arms dealers, this is a rare good thing against the sound of a Trump in China, after the current arms dealer support Trump is indispensable, is really hard for Trump and Andouble on this good gay friend, but love is no need to embrace more closely!