Secrets of India's withdrawal!

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Secrets of India's withdrawal!

2017-09-01 09:37:38 664 ℃

In the afternoon of August 28th, the army finally withdrew from the cave. This result was "upset", but it is not threatened

In the final analysis, the domestic public opinion skepticism prevails, except that some people who wish to fight China and India are "disappointed", and more are not confident of their national strength. Always wonder if we made a major concession? A secret deal with India has led to the withdrawal of talent from India. However, the diplomatic and military struggle between countries can not be explained completely to the public, while the domestic authoritative media can only say superficial reasons, and the persuasiveness is not strong enough.

The author thinks that skepticism exists, and that no matter how you explain it, they doubt it to those who don't believe it. We should still see the result of the fact itself. If really, will often let ordinary people think of the insider, the author outlined one or two:

The final withdrawal of troops in India, first of all, is that our army's layout of the Indian War has been fully in place

Our two main forces have already reached the plateau, and the long-range strike firepower, mainly rocket and air forces, has also entered the preset position. We see the surface of the Indian army, only dozens of people, a bulldozer, retreated more than 100 meters, but behind it is I in the hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of vehicles and tanks on the plateau, spend a huge cost of freight and exercise. The temporary peace situation is only the result of the preparations for the fullest possible war.

Some people say, a border, only a hundred men, a few cars in China in the "temporary" for 70 days, we spent a million n expedition, now three paipaipigu receded, don't play us?

It's not that simple!Is it that we move the enemy, let the enemy follow our strategic rhythm, or will we be moved by the enemy and eventually dance in accordance with the enemy's baton? This is a fundamental and strategic problem!

If we follow the enemy's baton will disrupt the action strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and is likely to be "a careless loser". India open border, as long as a little understanding of today's international environment knows that it is not simply to India and the Indian army on the spur of the moment, but in the background of India to join the US Japan camp of India itself, the expansion of the great power ambitions, the test strategy for Chinese!

In the past our defense of Qinghai Tibet, a relative on the opposite side of the layout is relatively weak. From the beginning of this confrontation, our military exercises demonstrated the weapons can be seen. But now, I in the digital army on the plateau, I give us this excuse, appropriate. We have always stressed that the armed forces throughout the territory, the whole airspace operations; now, the armed forces have real practice opportunity in the plateau. Now that you are on the plateau, you won't be able to retreat easily.

I always have crossed before, that China will shrink foreign wishful thinking. But I did not expect China military attitude, the domestic situation. I did not expect to put out the Chinese battle posture, fight or not do not say first, but at least the troops are in place. The Indian army then remembered that he did not prepare for a decisive battle. Of course, in order to face those one hundred thousand army, but also to make it look, and then rely on the front of the move. But in the face of China's long-range strike firepower, it is only a matter of course.

I don't think that there is no military experts, their "chief of staff" is a knowledgeable person, know the tactical missile inventory, and he Chinese ratio, is 10000 to 250, this battle is how to play?

The 1962 war was fought in October 20th. The Sino Indian border, in late October to early September after the rainy season, the war is the golden season, there is no rain and snow be neither hot nor cold, interference battlefield. Three is a Chinese bite, a century of fear "autumn" this season. Three in August 28th to withdraw as soon as possible, will see the day is pretty.

In August 15th, the Bangong Lake kick flying kick, 1 billion 300 million of those psychological shock, eat no less than a nuclear bomb. A hole in Lang jjww dare, because our border troops just arresting hand in hand he didn't kick his ass, but in the Bangong Lake was beaten yet, but this is not a little temper, national character. It can be said that our army foot in the lake, the hole of the three Lang played out too much.

This time, the Indian army, though defiant, had no determination to fight with us from the beginning. In the course of the confrontation, there is little to add fuel to the fire. India border, in order to face and a greater purpose. To let the whole world Chinese and admits he is a big country, not to rush to war. Although at the beginning of the confrontation, the India army chief of staff said that India was not 1962 and so on, but it only referred to India itself, and did not deliberately belittle China's part.

In the China five sector strong voice, China foreign ministry announced a long hole confrontation antecedents and consequences of the document, and not to intensify in India, has been called to a peaceful solution. Obviously, India did not engage in large-scale war mobilization.

In August 15 day public Lake stone operations, we also measured India do not want to expand the conflict of the bottom line. In August 20th, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman's talk, have "India should come up with a power play", is obviously to India to "big hat", the steps have very obvious results on the 28 day, and withdraw.

Border conflicts between the two countries, the most afraid of both sides who do not want to make concessions, all want to fight for a while, the conflict into a spiral upgrade. This confrontation, after seeing the Chinese monolithic, resolute attitude, military preparations, India first is discouraged, it is for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, provide the possibility of.

The Indian army also apparently learnt the lessons of the conflict in the inter Valley Valley in 1987. India had just established the puppet state of Arunachal Pradesh, arrogance. Border contact, the first shot us to negotiate a short time both deputy commander, fierce fighting, more than 30 soldiers were killed in the Indian border, Chinese have a dozen casualties. After the Indian army explained in hindsight that the gun fire triggered, but up is armed conflict, the subsequent development of two wars, the possibility is extremely high.

This confrontation, the Indian army at the beginning ordered: muzzle down, obviously do not want to make people's lives. Modi has been emphasizing that the actual control line between China and India has not shot a bullet for decades. Obviously, the desire of the Indian army to stir up war is not high. And I also like 1987 in the Sino Vietnamese border conflict, is still "hot" state, to all of a sudden change into full-scale war mode, also need a warm-up process, so both sides want confrontation in a controlled state, which is also an important reason for the eventual withdrawal of India.

There are other factors. There are not many people, but they are very important and very important:

This is the present India, although it has a certain amount of nuclear weapons and strategic missiles, but the quantity and the advanced level are much smaller than the Chinese nuclear arsenal. If the conflict quickly expanded into a large-scale war, India A rout is like a landslide., then he is likely to take a limited nuclear adventure, but our anti missile system has been equipped with combat capability, will soon achieve large-scale deployment and have reliable interception probability. While India of our nuclear weapons, the interception probability is zero. The ultimate advantage did not lead to war, China has been in an invincible position, the Indian army fantasy "beat Chinese" is a mirage and insubstantial objects.

Secondly, after the start of a confrontation, began "the pain of cutting one's body hang open mode"

From the day of the crossing of the border crossing, India became more and more unfortunate. And the long hole confrontation started at the same time, Gorkha riots in Darjeeling, even once cut off the supply line of Sikkim. Some people think that this local unrest and confrontation happen together, is accidental, and even start trouble time than confrontation a few days ago, can prove that nothing to do with confrontation.

I want to say is this view of the people, really do not understand the state of West Bengal in the north of "revolutionary history".

West Bengal and west of Bihar, is one of the poorest areas in India, India is also the birthplace of the maoist. And every time there was a large-scale peasant uprising in India, it was in sync with the "upsurge of revolution" in china. Chinese began the cultural revolution in 1966, here in India in 1967 and 1967 peasant uprising, is precisely the time conflict of Sino Indian Nathu la. History can happen by chance, but rarely by coincidence".

At the beginning of 1967, India Communist Party Secretary of the county of Darjeeling County C. Majumdar et al leaders of the Siliguri General Assembly called on the armed seizure of land farmers. In late May, Barry won the Naxalite peasants in the land rush in the harvest crops, killed by police. The local farmers and the rebellion, struggle to rapidly expand more than Siliguri 80% of about 700 square kilometers area.

Sparks of fire can start a prairie fire.In some areas of Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Assam in 12 states also happened to Nasar Barry. In the state of peasant struggle, is the largest county in November 25, 1968 began the Guilija Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh (i.e. mountain tribes) peasants' struggle. Within a short period of time, a red corridor has formed from the border of Nepal to the eastern part of India. In the red corridor, gathered in India's poorest areas like Bihar, steep mountains, jungle mountain, facing the guerrillas in many places are lack of staff up to 35% of the India police and their outdated weapons.

In many areas, Maoist guerrillas have replaced the government to run the territory and rely on taxes to support their own survival. For example, in the jungle of Chattisgarh abounds in bamboo, the Maoists to contacts in the jungle of bamboo merchants and asked the local taxes, the same as the road construction company. And when the government led the army to suppress the Maoist mountain time, they can always be protected by local farmers.

The figure is Charu Bazonda who led the Saar Barry Uprising

The success of the Maoists in India lies in:They built tight underground structures, which made it difficult for the army and police who did not understand the situation to act on them. The Communist Party of India by virtue of their high efficiency, won the support of the people, including the right parts of West Bengal, Kerala, made the ruling.

We must solemnly declare that there is no contact between our government and any anti government forces in India. As to why it happens every time, it can only show that the mass base of India in this region is better.

Then there was the firefight in India's border areas and the unrest in Indian administered Kashmir, which occurred simultaneously with the confrontation. These days, the media focused on the India masters was sentenced, triggered massive riots, dozens of people died, which included Kashmir and police were attacked, both sides have close to ten people were killed in the news.

In the 70 days of confrontation between China and India, there were at least 50 people in India, who died because of border wars and political disturbances, and countless injuries, including India soldiers and civilians. But the Chinese side, but P political events have not occurred, and no one died because of political and military reasons, this is the difference, which is the difference between the status of the country and the overall national strength. Some people think that if more than 50 people in India lost their lives, and that the author is really not confrontation, speechless.

Indian Kashmir unrest

The powerful nation of world class, the first is a "little brother" is willing to do anything for you, at life maintenance of "big brother" interests and dignity, so I do not have much, one is enough, but it is such a China batie brothers death. BA in the course of these 70 days, but also sacrificed a lot of people. But the return is a huge investment of tens of billions of dollars of China's long-term security and economic take-off.

India wants to draw such a little brother, but one can not pull to India in Bhutan who, for a century, has spent tens of billions of dollars, and the army is stationed in someone's home, but he did not want to take the opportunity to help, but this defection, makes Indians very disappointed. As far as I have been trying to take control of Nepal, is more of the Indians increasingly disgusted.

India in the beginning of the confrontation, seems to be about to win a successful object, this is Burma's army head. But only "it seems to be successful", and back to Burma is also a mess. Artificial anti Rohingya, is still in the flames of war, hundreds of deaths. These things, of course, have nothing to do with China. It's still a coincidence".

India even now come up with $ten billion to "aid" to a country, no country dare to jump out and Chinese and meet. But China did not said, Pakistan suicide knock this is the difference, India, this is tens of billions of dollars can not buy the difference. As a result, we do not have much money to support Pakistan, and most of these aid can be brought back. We have also aid the East and south, but only batie know how to Thanksgiving, which is the difference.

India territory "the revolutionary forces" in India and Pakistan, have been expected to the war of 2.5, only 1.5 preview, India can not stand, do not withdraw, domestic appeared to be the flames of war!

Third, the withdrawal of India also lies in the deep loneliness and helplessness of modi

Indian army cross-border into the hole, Lang's biggest power, naturally comes from Trump's bear hug, as well as the United States and Japan India military exercises, "encouragement", but the confrontation dragged on, modi's feeling is increasingly wrong. Japan is no longer spoken, the west is also tight lipped, said not a cash commitment. The sense of loneliness and helplessness that has been abandoned by Western allies is felt by all indians.

Modi's sense of loneliness and helplessness is mostly from India.

The confrontation since the beginning of Chinese domestic folk also have emotions, is that treatment is not decisive, but only stay in the folk mood, most social media grumble, but the mainstream media, and not open to criticism of the government and the army. This allows Chinese from the top to the army, according to established guidelines, handling events calmly, almost no interference of the government and the army Chinese rhythm, which is a major China reflected one system of unified power advantage.

And the domestic situation that Modi faces is gone, India is also a big country with a population of 1 billion 300 million on the surface, but it is more like a group of countries composed of different countries, not a unitary country. The elite of India think that India can compare with China everywhere, but the political system of India itself makes it difficult to form a political form.

From the beginning of the confrontation, the Modi administration was under pressure from different views of congress. Gandhi, leader of Congress, thinks modi's actions are reckless and disrespectful, damaging the mutual trust and friendship that China has built up over the years. Rahul Gandhi and China Ambassador met, let this modi and the BJP also angered that in the critical period and China Ambassador contact is sabotage.

Opinions differ sharply between the two major political parties in India on the issue of confrontation with china.

Gandhi, who was also hit by a stone during a visit to the flood, showed that the conflict between the people's party and the Congress Party had been made public. Congress is India's century old party, is also the India independence "hero", on behalf of the industry and Commerce of India and the wealthy interests; and a rising star on behalf of the people's party, more grassroots and rural interests. The people's party vote base seems more, these a few years ahead of the Congress party, came to power.

But with Modi as the representative of the people's party elite in power, are also increasingly self-willed, "reform" movement is more and more big, and the Congress is more and more obvious cracks. The conflict between the two sides is close to irreconcilable. Before the withdrawal of troops in India, the biggest riot in India was caused by the trial of the DSS leader's "rape case", which became the last straw to crush Modi's determination to continue the confrontation".

The event itself detonated time is very strange, but the India government also know DSS tens of millions of believers will take the opportunity to "do things", has been sentenced in the city and the surrounding layout ahead of tens of thousands of police and troops, but the riots as usual "time outbreak", but suffered heavy casualties, more let a person feel unbelievable.

If according to the usual understanding of our Chinese, in foreign and serious military confrontation, the war triggered at any moment of "national calamity" state, national, national, political parties should "unite is the shame", "outward first" is the normal thinking. But Indians just don't play by common sense, knowing that the "master" will lead to riots and resolutely declare that, why is that?

In fact, as the 60 million "fans" business in India, the "rape" powers, engage in one or two female followers is simply a". And this business offenders as early as 2007 it was reported, why 10 years later in a "critical period" before sentencing, itself is a worthy of discussion.

It shows that the India court, is the Western penetration and manipulation of the political line is serious. In fact, during the confrontation, the West has adopted a judicial approach to the balance of confrontation between China and India secretly manipulated once, but for the first time not to India, but to China's ally, Pakistan. Premier Sheriff is the Supreme Court of Pakistan, who was forced to "impeachment", the name is "corruption and unidentified property". In fact, this reason can also be used to deal with Modi, but even modi wife are not, from him on the pretext of economic corruption, bad operation. The most likely to be made up of business, trial, modi is "emperor to abdicate" great pigtail.

Premier Sheriff

India and Pakistan was originally a colony, have also been the British judicial system "true", the court in social and political affairs of the great powers. India and Pakistan are nominally enemies, but their state system is twin brother. Judges at all levels are not Oxford, or Cambridge's graduates. They can be said to be the most radical and elite groups brainwashed and manipulated by the west. This situation, even in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of China, has so far manifested itself.

The impeachment of Sheriff and a huckster, seemingly have no relevance. But it is essentially western jianfengshiduo, different weights only placed in the confrontation between China and India on the balance of time. When the West sees "doing it", Sheriff is basically useless, and when China is resolute, he can only play the part of modi.

The Modi administration naturally wants to continue to drag on the confrontation, but it has affected the enormous benefits of western investment in India. After the Western wargame, if India was Chinese again defeated, they from the political to the economic loss will be greater. Now continue to persist, have no interest in the west, actually let Chinese continue to counter, must be warned of Modi, and trial business riots do, no trace. This is one of the big ticket warehouse query Modi, and through the court hands, no intervention for Modi. Successive blows forced Modi to stop".

Power struggle in the total war before running.

Who is a chess player, and who is a chess piece, is a matter of the future and destiny of a country. This confrontation, Modi under the leadership of India, but want to pawn strength, to fight for the position of chess players, but still can not help but be behind the manipulation. If we do not withdraw, then Park Geun hye today, is likely to be some people tomorrow.