The United States secretly imported Chinese combat effectiveness, advanced performance, a large number of countries imported and exported hundreds of

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The United States secretly imported Chinese combat effectiveness, advanced performance, a large number of countries imported and exported hundreds of

2017-09-11 23:16:00 265 ℃

Saw an article today, Americans have been mentioned in covert ways to get Chinese 12 J-7 fighters, and therefore played very walk, while the United States is not reason for this aircraft to equip it with him but as the imaginary enemy to subdue it, which shows that China's development is still very F-7 fighter advanced.

But the main reason to obtain the F-7 China's production of this aircraft is an imitation of the Soviet MIG -21 with -13 type, outstanding performance in the Vietnam War, the Sino Soviet made MIG -21 fighters of the U.S. military in an accident, so the United States in addition to the aircraft to collect technical information through various channels, also began to try to get the MIG -21 to the actual flight test, trying to find these planes of weakness and use these aircraft for military pilots for imaginary simulation training.

The United States is America the only one to use the f -7 aircraft state, and during that time in Sino US relations is still very good, commonly known as the honeymoon period, the United States imports of this type of aircraft is also witnessed both an important period.

If the United States imports this aircraft just as to deal with the MIG 21, so can not fully prove his progressiveness, not that he can also attracted the trust of users, and a large number of imports from other countries is enough to prove that China military on the actual developed substance.

The -7 is the first Mach two jet fighter Chinese development, a lot of equipment China air force and naval aviation, mainly for homeland defense and seize the battlefield air superiority, can also be performed on ground attack missions, is a typical second generation fighter. The technical feature of -7 is to highlight the characteristics of high altitude and high speed. It has the characteristics of light, small and flexible, low cost, high efficiency and simple maintenance.

Annihilates -7 series aircraft wing pylons can mount the missile and tank, and can also be suspended 90-1 type space rocket launchers in two groups of 57 mm 57-2 air-to-air rockets or 90 mm, can also mount a variety of aerial bombs for attack. Especially the f -7III aircraft multifunction enhanced can mount 8 100-2 or 4 250-2 or 2 500-2 type air blasting bomb, with a variety of aircraft guns, air to air missiles, air-to-air rockets and other weapons. 30-1 type gun f -7 aircraft also installed 30 caliber.

Now, he may have been out of less advanced fighters, and if in the decades before the two generation machine is very advanced, as India had been equipped with a large number of different aircraft, their equipment is the MIG 21. The MIG -21 fighter and its improved fleet produced more than 10000, of which India has purchased at least 976 MIG 21 over the past ten years.

While the number of production Chinese F-7 also exceeded the total output of over 2400 aircraft, this record has yet been broken, various types of aircraft exports to many countries, but the state is now equipped with many of the model aircraft. Pakistan will buy at least 144 J-7 fighters, or one of the main fighter, the DPRK also buy a lot of F-7, number is not less than 134, is the country's main fighter.

Bangladesh, Iran, Sultan and Burma have bought various types of fighter F-7 more than 20 aircraft, the number of Egyptian equipment more than 70 aircraft, the Iraqi air force had to buy more than 80 aircraft in 2013 Tanzania F-7, newly purchased 12 F-7TN fighter jets and 2 FT-7TN coach fighter. The number of -7 exported by the destroyer also exceeded 93. The -7II had at least 150 more exports to Egypt, Iraq and Sultan between 1982 and 1983.