How can we not meet this desire to pay close attention to China's retaliation?

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How can we not meet this desire to pay close attention to China's retaliation?

2017-09-11 23:24:15 143 ℃

How can we not meet this desire to pay close attention to China's retaliation?

Author: water ice

Under the strong opposition of China and Russia, the German system was officially completed in South Korea amid strong protests from the local population. 8, South Korean President Wen sent to reporters in Yin position paper "and" Sade "deployment statement said, this is the best measure of the current South Korean government can take.

Wen also said in the Yin, the current security situation in the ever severe government concluded that, in order to avoid the peninsula war, to protect the lives and safety of citizens, temporary deployment of Sade anti missile system can be postponed. At the same time, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said Thursday that it is closely China retaliation against South korea.

Germany's entry into Korea will greatly reduce the credibility of China's nuclear deterrence and seriously impair China's strategic security. Researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the United States for years, the goal of this deployment in Korea is "blocked Chinese East", sailing from the East China Sea fleet to prevent Chinese and China aircraft took off from there, and hinder the possibility of China to establish a complete ocean fleet.

To this action of South Korea, a China foreign ministry expressed "strong opposition", and "strongly urged South Korea to Chinese area national security interests and concerns, to immediately stop the deployment process, the removal of related equipment." South Korea and the United States refused to pay attention to this, ignoring China's interests and continuing to deploy German troops as openly as possible.

South Korea is determined to deploy Sade, in the final analysis, is still eating China, China will not be determined. Speaking of this, we have to mention the international environment in which China is now located.

At present, China is on the eve of the rise of the country and needs a peaceful environment. As the world leader in the United States worried that Chinese challenge its dominance, trying to pick, pengci, whether it is the Asia Pacific rebalancing, the South China Sea arbitration, or hole Lang event, flashes its insidious phantom.

When the world's second Germany, is because it did not stop, embarked on a military adventure Road, the result was hit three disabled, and thus lost the status of political power. In view of the lessons Chinese in dealing with foreign relations is very careful, do not want to judge because of strategic problems, lead to naught.

South Korea is precisely a touch of the Chinese mentality, so dare to brazenly harm China's strategic security interests, without fear of being Chinese sanctions.

The issue of the peninsula was a slap in the face, and the core was the result of the American stimulus, while South Korea acted as an accomplice. Now, what is the reason that the Peninsula issue gets out of hand and ends up letting China pay for it?. Since we support sanctions against North Korea, we should also impose sanctions against South Korea on an equal basis.

Of course, South Korea is in the American boss's camp, and it is unlikely that the United Nations will impose sanctions on South Korea. But does China really have no choice but to watch Korea do whatever it takes to be free of sanctions? In fact, our economic sanctions against South Korea are entirely feasible.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, South Korea has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of China's economic development and highly dependent on China's market. Last year alone, South Korea's trade surplus with China reached $72 billion 200 million, ranking first in China's top 15 trade surplus countries. Not only that, China is Korea's largest trading partner.

In addition, Chinese tourists have also been a major source of income for outbound travel industry in South korea. Last year alone, 15 million foreign tourists from South Korea received 8 million 60 thousand Chinese tourists, accounting for 53.7%. It can be said that without China's market and tourists, South Korea's development can not be so swift and violent.

On sanctions against South Korea, we can all learn from the world's oldest United States, separate from the United Nations framework. Some people might say, don't just waving the big stick of sanctions, dry kill one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred. But if the Republic of Korea is not deployed decisively to dispose of Sade, the surrounding countries will treat China as a free treatment of economic animals.

There is no strength is a sad thing, with the strength, do not know how to use is also a sad thing. Now, China decades living together, accumulated a solid national strength, if we can get the strength used in the maintenance of their own interests, and do not have the strength have yi.

For South Korea, as long as the precise choice of its electronics, machinery, culture, tourism and other industries start, it will soon make it feel pain. And China, a big country like this, is completely different from what it is like South korea. You know, a punch on the elephant, like playing how ants do in effect!

In the event of damage to the interests of the state, we can only take effective measures to show the world that China is angry and the consequences are serious, to become a respected great power. Since South Korea pays close attention to China's retaliation, how can we not satisfy this desire?