Who helped North Korea get the hydrogen bomb?

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Who helped North Korea get the hydrogen bomb?

2017-09-11 23:25:49 255 ℃

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North Korean state television Sunday (September 3rd) broadcast anchor Li Chunji announced a successful test of the hydrogen bomb.

If it were not for the big news, Li Chunji, a 74 year old Korean national anchor, rarely appeared in front of the screen after his glorious retirement in January 2012. However, on September 3rd, Li Chunji was wearing a pink and black costume, again in the anchor on the stage in high and vigorous spirits read out the Institute's declaration of North Korea's nuclear weapons, "the Korean atomic scientists, in accordance with the labor party to build a strategic nuclear weapons program in September 3rd 12, in the northern part of the North Korean nuclear test successfully tested for intercontinental ballistic missiles to build the hydrogen bomb."

In September 3rd, a 6.7 earthquake in North Korea was confirmed as the sixth nuclear test. China Yanbian have clearly felt, even housing rupture cases (source: Reuters)

This is solid, South Korea, Japan and the United States detected the earthquake after fourth last year and fifth nuclear test, North Korea conducted a sixth nuclear test. At present, according to the observation of all parties, combined with the 6.7 magnitude earthquake caused by it, the nuclear weapon tested successfully in September 3rd is much more powerful than the ordinary atomic bomb. So, is that what North Korea claims to be a hydrogen bomb?

The North Korean approach to the hydrogen bomb

Hydrogen bombs are a type of nuclear weapon, but differ from atomic bombs that typically use the nuclear fission principle to release energy. The difference is mainly between detonation and equivalence. The hydrogen bomb nuclear fission energy "nuclear fusion", "the impact of hydrogen deuterium isotope compounds", had played a role of heating and compression, and then release enormous energy, the remaining fuel division. That is to say, the hydrogen bomb carried out the "three explosion", namely, "nuclear fission - nuclear fusion - nuclear fission", and the final explosion is much more powerful than the ordinary atomic bomb. In its six nuclear test, the first nuclear test in October 9, 2006 was 1000 tons, far below the level of 4000 tons of normal atomic bombs. In May 25, 2009, when the second nuclear test, the equivalent has reached 4000 tons, TNT equivalent, earthquake magnitude 4.5. In February 12, 2013, North Korea fired an atomic bomb for the third time, with a power equivalent of 6500 tons, with a magnitude of 4.9. In January 6, 2016, North Korea conducted a fourth nuclear test, and declared that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, but only 6 tons due to its TNT equivalent and 4.8 earthquake scale, widely questioned claims that the bomb.

By the time of the Fourth North Korea nuclear test, North Korea's nuclear weapons development process has remained constant for about three years, with limited breakthroughs. Since then, however, North Korea has developed remarkably in a very short period of time.

In September 9, 2016, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test, with a power equivalent of 10000 tons of TNT equivalent, and the magnitude of the quake was 5.04. In September 3, 2017, the sixth nuclear tests reached a power equivalent of about 100000 tons, almost as much as China's first hydrogen bomb was tested in 1966. Of course, it's not enough to meet the equivalence. Does the North Korean "hydrogen bomb" contain the detonation of the hydrogen bomb? Around this point from all walks of life are still controversial, but except North Korea is no government admitted this in addition to objective assessment, and can not accept North Korea nuclear status and ownership status of hydrogen "political considerations.

Learn from the West

If the nuclear Wudang is really a hydrogen bomb, then North Korea has become the world's sixth successful test burst, and publicly declared that he has a hydrogen bomb countries. Whether it is true or not, one thing is certain: North Korea's nuclear weapons technology, miniaturization technology, and missile missile technology have been developing by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Only the intercontinental missile as an example, the United States and the Soviet Union, China ICBM development road with more than 10 years of time, North Korea has been a breakthrough in just a few years, and under UN sanctions subjected to external pressure. How did North Korea do it? In this regard, the outside world was the most widely, there is "Chinese in secret help North Korea's nuclear armed" speech, this is both the British "Daily Mail", Japan's "Japan Times", the "New York Times" and other media in recent years are from time to time to preach. Alternatively, the so-called "North Korea can develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles" is because China has not given enough economic pressure to North Korea and other "China's responsibility theory". After the North Korean nuclear test, the United States President Trump (Donald Trump) has once again issued a so-called "Chinese yanmianjinshi on Twitter (Embarrassment to China) remarks.But who is the real "help" of North Korea?

The United Nations Security Council held an emergency session after North Korea's sixth nuclear test. U.S. ambassador Hailey (Nikki Haley) said, "Kim Jeong-eun is in talks to play" (source: VCG)

Perhaps one should look back at a detailed report released by the International Institute for strategic thinking (IISS) in August 14th this year. The North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles, the secret of success "in the report, the missile expert Ellman (Michael Elleman) with detailed research results show, North Korea has been able in recent years suddenly began to get a breakthrough, the missile design and supplier is closely related with the country's new. The supplier is a state-owned factory in Ukraine. During the cold war, it was the state-owned factory called Uzi Marsh (Yuzhmash) that created the most lethal missile in the Soviet Arsenal, including the giant SS-18 missile. Even after independence from Ukraine, the plant remained one of the major suppliers of Russian missiles. However, since Ukraine's Pro Russian ex President Yanukovich (Viktor Yanukovych) was stripped of power in 2014, Russia also stopped its nuclear upgrade program, the factory is in trouble.

In July, news came that Uzi Marsh's factory was selling its own technology to foreign countries in order to survive, and the factory denied it. However, even if North Korea is not buying through private channels, it may be acquired by other means.

United Nations investigators have found that North Korea attempted to steal the missile secrets of the factory in 2011. At that time, two North Koreans were arrested, and a United Nations report said the data they were trying to steal were mainly advanced missile systems, liquid propellant engines, spacecraft and missile fuel supply systems". At present, the Ukraine area because of the 2014 revolution turmoil is still confusion, North Korea may be in this period of time again in the hand, and successfully succeeded. Whether through buying or stealing, North Korea now has the engines of the Russian design, such as RD-255.

Black market arms merchant Paradise: Ukraine

Since the revolution of 2014, Ukraine has become a paradise for black market arms dealers, and a large number of high-end weapons have been flowing out of military factories in Ukraine. In fact, this is also a sad, and early in the morning is estimated to - when the European Union and the United States, Russia and other countries that "when the Ukraine revolution is more important than the country's political stability, it is doomed to the results. Whether after the collapse of the Afghan regime, the birth of Al Qaeda, or the collapse of Iraq's Sadam (Saddam Hussein) regime, ISIS's germination has been the same. North Korea's nuclear technology development today, on the one hand, is based on the nuclear attachment, one is the Pyongyang government to grasp and speculate on the peninsula pattern, on the other hand, is also the country such as Ukraine into chaos, a large number of science and technology, talent, arms out of the results. Therefore, when people in order to get the bomb while looking for North Korea condemned the object when the opportunity to hype the China responsibility theory ", the heart also understand that North West learn the object, and where is Chinese? It was Ukraine, a centrally designed, developing and producing region of the Soviet Union's high-end weapons. What is the cause of the current situation in Ukraine? It is more worth the critics to ask themselves.

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