For China baoyijianzhichou? Russia hits India

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For China baoyijianzhichou? Russia hits India

2017-09-13 12:08:58 158 ℃

Author: Zhao Junfeng; pictures from the network

India is a Russian arms dealer, a big customer of long-term, although India repeatedly when suckers, but look at the huge arms purchase fee, Russia to India was polite, but all this with Moddis a while ago have a fever, is something of a change. India in order to obtain the support of the United States turned to the United States a lot of arms to Russia, left side, wait until the money is spent in India, the United States does not support India to challenge the Chinese, is not willing to take the best weapons to India, also regarded India as suckers, India had once again focused on has been used for Russian weapons. And Russia did not hesitate to raise prices, but also 3 times, it is estimated modi will cry.

According to overseas network reported on September 11th, the India air force originally planned to buy two new AWACS aircraft (AWACS), "eye of the air" from Israel and Russia, however, the sharp price increases forced the India government to shelve the project. The total cost of the project was about $1 billion 100 million because the price of the IL -76 transporter, a radar carrier, was almost three times higher.

India often has an exceptionally demanding equipment, and Russia usually adopts a step by step approach to negotiating a fare increase with India at the request of India. This was directly to a simple and crude, is the price of love to buy, it seems really angered the russians. No, can you still purchase from the United States? Unfortunately, for such high-end military equipment, the United States will not easily sell to India, I do not know the hair, Russia, India early warning aircraft in the project can be long, and estimated the final result, or obediently sent money. Objectively, Russia's move is also in disguise to help China, and severely clean up a India!

In fact, India has long been through the diversification of weapons procurement channels to reach each other to suppress the idea of price reduction, but in fact, contrary to the past, but by Europe, the United States, Russia, turns bloodletting. When the India air force purchases French gust fighters, the actual price of each of the "gusty" aircraft is $250 million, more expensive than the American F-35 stealth fighter. The United States military, India did not escape the fate of India to the United States Aizai, purchasing C-17 large transport aircraft, its price up to $600 million (the price at around $580 million) while India spent much of the price, but buy indeed castrated Hercules, the United States to the nuclear secrets to the outside reason to limit the telex the system capacity, avionics and flight aspects, in the face of the United States Yinzhao India also can endure.

Buy American transport planes are pit, buy fighter still be pit, with the United States a large number of F35, F-16 as a three generation machine is about to stop production. But the news of India's $120 billion purchase of 200 F16block70 aircraft, while F16 is a classic model, after all, is the three generation machine, in the face of the four generation machine there is no advantage, but with the continuous upgrade of F-16, is high quality and inexpensive classic aircraft. Americans are ready to stop the production line, and hit the India suckers, Americans saw the Modi administration is eager to improve their weapons manufacturing capabilities, or even to the F16 production line moved to India, India must be equipped with a large number of conditions, with a hook coming out of the war machine when luring India, India a lot of equipment F16, peripheral has been full of four generation machine, the India air force around these once brilliant fighters cry, the United States is ready to put to death in the United States of India pit, pit of India to Russia than favorably.

The Apache helicopter is India thecrush equipment, August India's Defense Procurement Committee approved the first batch of 6 AH-64E helicopter procurement budget, the total amount of $650 million, the price of up to $108 million 300 thousand, and the four generation machine F35 in the United States only a $94 million 600 thousand. In India decided to purchase shortly after September it exposed U.S. will cost $220 million to purchase 22 AH-64E helicopters, the price is only $9 million 180 thousand, only the equivalent of India purchase price of 1/10, and according to the practice of the United States, the same type of weapon performance out much lower than U.S. military procurement, plus subsequent upgrade maintenance is a bottomless pit, the bulk of India when it is unparalleled.

Whether it is expanding weapons procurement channels, or vigorously develop their own manufacturing, India is facing an embarrassing situation, which is the lack of India's own forces, but also eager to become a political and military power caused. This time on the AWACS, Russia will not be the last extortion. No matter who does not have the ability to invest in India, the country's manufacturing industry to do the backing, ripped off the fate can not be changed, this is the inevitable result of the Modi administration is eager to become a military power.