A missile decided 10 new combat power to direct the war victory or defeat the United States and Russia to catch up

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A missile decided 10 new combat power to direct the war victory or defeat the United States and Russia to catch up

2017-09-15 18:37:05 609 ℃

Thanks to the excellent performance of the AKK-90 missile, not only Chinese WZ will reverse the technical disadvantage, more will change the future of WZ combat mode, new combat power to Russian helicopter to catch up. (Phoenix military)

Phoenix military Phoenix Army Review September 15th

Underpowered? Lack of firepower? Lack of strength? These questions have been so straight 19 straight 10/ helicopter gunships especially lack of power beyond dispute, the China WZ always gap with the world advanced level obviously. But in a fourth session of Tianjin international China helicopter Expo debut of the "new" missiles, not only in the concept of reversing the Chinese WZ disadvantage, the change in the future will be more combat mode, "Apache", and other top 52 card WZ defenseless.

In the current Tianjin direct fair, indoor or outdoor display of all martial mount 4 straight AKK-90 missile, which is itself a sign of change in the mode of operation. (Phoenix military)

The reason for the "new" in quotes because this code of AKK-90 WZ special air-to-air missile with the previous "." 90 missiles are highly similar, AKK-90 is likely to be the "official number." after the installation of the 90 column. In the current Tianjin direct fair, AKK-90 missile not only in the outdoor straight -10 before the static display at the exhibition in all 19 straight arms straight left short wing inboard pylons with 4 mounted form mount (straight 10 right wing short lateral hanging point). Taking up the hang point of the "1/4" and mounting the 4 missile has already exceeded the scope of self-defense, which indicates a new operational thinking.

According to the previous "." 90 missile data, AKK-90 missile single diameter of about 90mm, the weight is only 20kg, but the operational height of 6000m, range 500-6000m. This technical data indicates that AKK-90 missiles can attack all types of armed helicopters throughout the entire range of helicopter operations. Not only that, the AKK-90 missile weighs only half that weight of AKD-10 type of anti tank missile lightweight, Chinese Wuhan which makes the limited power is generally straight, whether it is 10 or more small straight straight 19 to 16 pieces of full mounted AKK-90 missile attack.

The picture shows the Taiwan American AH-1 helicopter gunships WZ AIM-9 mounted version of air-to-air missile, the modified version of air-to-air missile huge volume not only affects the whole mount WZ, will seriously affect the balance after the launch of wz. (data sheet)

Previously, the United States had developed a dedicated air to air missile on the basis of the retired AIM9 rattlesnake air missile, but the excessive volume seriously affected the performance of the direct combat. To this end, the United States and Russia respectively in the "stinger MANPADS" and "SA17" on the basis of development of WZ air-to-air missile special. But the "empty stinger version" (AIM-92) the maximum range is too short (3000m), and the air launched version of SA17 (4500m) although the range is slightly better, but has not completed the system integration of the 52 armed helicopters and m 28/ card, there is no evidence to show that Russia armed helicopter equipped with a special type of empty missile.

So far, AKK-90 missile became the strongest performance in the world helicopter air-to-air missile, and straight 10/ straight 19 thanks to excellent shells, is likely to perform low altitude air task in wartime, and even evolved special type air wz. In the conceivable mode of operation, facing the enemy's strong, straight and armored units, straight 10/ straight 19 can completely strike outside the enemy's range, and make accurate strikes to the enemy. Even the smaller straight 19 can guarantee that at least 4 AKK-90 missiles can be mounted, and at least 2 enemy guns can be shot down. If 19 of them are launched, the effective suppression of the enemy's formation will be ensured.

The picture shows the prototype of the Russian rice 28 armed helicopter mounting an empty version of the SA-17 missile. The practical effect of this simple mount method is not good, and the missile performance of SA-17 has some limitations. (data sheet)

At present, Russia Europe helicopter air-to-air missile in addition to limited performance, the only gun can provide limited air-to-air combat capability, when facing the enemy China stereo assault armor cluster, or vertical assault similar to the U.S. 101 air assault division, with straight 10/ AKK-90 missile can completely straight 19 in addition to the enemy defense firepower, accurate missile in the initial salvo, combat can decimate enemy attack helicopters, aerial firepower not only the enemy ground armored forces lost crucial, so its armor will no longer need to worry about "the fatal blow", but also for our helicopter destroy enemy armored forces obstacles.

The emergence of AKK-90, the ability not only gives Chinese Wu straight completely reverse the battlefield inferior technology limited, will be more attention to ground combat had straight Takeshi, extended to the field of air-to-air combat, and air-to-air combat field directly determines the success or failure, "the fifth space" supremacy of belonging. Once the master of the airspace of the air, the other armored forces will face from slaughter Wu straight blow. It is worth noting that this advantage not only exists in the three-dimensional armored combat, also exist in the amphibious landing, mountain warfare can specific operational environment, and three kinds of combat mode, is the main battle field in the future, Chinese army Panzer Army aviation.

Compared to the United States and Russia on shoulder missile based on the research and development of helicopter air-to-air missile, specializing in the development of the AKK-90 missile has inherent technical advantages, the advantages of this technology, the future will be directly transformed into tactical advantage battlefield crucial, and this advantage is enough to decide a war victory. (Phoenix, military, Phoenix army, Liu Chang)