Save the "Chinese heart": how to solve the pain of domestic engine

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Save the "Chinese heart": how to solve the pain of domestic engine

2016-07-21 21:37:20 401 ℃

Aircraft engine known as the "flower of industry", is an important symbol of national science and technology, industry and national defense strength. At present, the world has developed a mature high-performance aircraft engine of the United States, Britain, France, Russia and a few other countries. In the era of flourishing the Chinese military carrier, four generations of machines with, anti missile system, the Chinese still missing? Yes, this pearl!

Today, China has achieved export of the J-10, the satellite sent the day, rocket's ability in international is one of the best, why high performance aeroengine is developed do not come out? J-20 so far haven't install advanced fourth generation aircraft engine, the j-31 thrust is only in single F-35 but carry great weight.

Military experts pointed out: China aerospace engine is difficult, difficult to design, processing and assembly difficult, difficult materials, there is a core issue, is not in accordance with the laws of science development more long-term point of view, is the lack of money.

For a long time, China's aviation engine manufacturing process, supporting equipment is very backward, the market is also facing tremendous pressure. The main bottleneck in engine manufacturing and casting material aspect. In modern high performance aircraft engines need to use high strength, high temperature resistant materials, including titanium, nickel, aluminum, composite materials and nickel and cobalt base superalloy alloy, fortunately, the material production, is not restricted, just to Aeroengine resistant high temperature alloy material cannot be entirely self-sufficient. This is a big problem.

At the beginning of 2013, China Aviation Industry Group Chairman Lin Zuo Ming stressed that to efforts to break through the bottleneck of aerospace power, formed a group of engine quasi "shelves" products, to achieve host engine, transmission system, control system three core professional integrated development. Data show that the sixth generation fighter "heart" competition has been started, although there is no small gap between the developed countries, but in the allocation of resources and technology, China has its own advantages. I believe that with the unremitting efforts of the Chinese people, there is reason to believe that in the near future, China's domestic aviation engine will reach or exceed the international leading level.