This aircraft also took big orders: Russia this time to China to do fairly kind

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This aircraft also took big orders: Russia this time to China to do fairly kind

2017-09-17 20:17:24 555 ℃

Last month, the Indonesian ambassador to Russia Sopp Riadi told the media that the Indonesia plan before the end of the year with Russia signed the relevant contract on the purchase of 35 fighter Su again before the contract, both sides have signed a memorandum of cooperation. This for Russia, in the face of Western sanctions, this aircraft exports will be a great victory, this is also su 35 fighter after exported to Chinese second countries announced the purchase of this aircraft.

Before this, Russia's Pravda published an article that the Soviet 35 fighters since 2015 in Syria since the implementation of the task, this aircraft in Syria shine, plus China purchase, let many of the original Russian aircraft purchasing countries from buying interest. According to Russian media, in addition to Indonesia, at least including India, Vietnam, Iran and other countries have expressed interest in this aircraft.

According to Russian experts point of view, Su 35 fighters in addition to stealth performance, the other, including flight control and avionics systems, and other indicators can be comparable to the U.S. F35 fighter. According to public information, Jiangsu 35 fighters with 12 hardpoints, maximum payload of 8 tons, the "Snow Leopard -S" airborne passive phased array radar can detect and track 30 targets and attack the 8 goals, known as the detection distance of more than 400 kilometers, the combat performance should not be underestimated.

To be sure, Indonesia is definitely not the end of the Soviet Union's 35 classic fighter. The future will include the use of traditional Soviet weapons such as India and Vietnam, and the country will purchase the fighter. However, given the limited capacity of Russia, the delivery time of the aircraft should be relatively long.

Because of the economic downturn by limited current production quantity of Su - 35 fighter, for Russia, the main goal of this stage is as far as possible Huyou more countries to purchase this weapon, and payment in advance, so you can quickly open the production line, and developed a new generation of research and development, so it can forming a virtuous circle.

Compared with other countries in Russia now happy running action compared to Russia about 35 fighters for China Su is still relatively good, at least Chinese has received Russia delivered Su 35 fighters, before and Jiangzi ah in 2019 to complete the delivery of all aircraft.