Domestic type 003 aircraft carrier design basically finalized, the four highlights eye-catching

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Domestic type 003 aircraft carrier design basically finalized, the four highlights eye-catching

2017-09-17 20:25:48 737 ℃

Recently, the network transmission type 003 domestic aircraft carrier design basically finalized, at the same time, the Internet launched a "Wuhan aircraft carrier floor" latest progress photos, aroused strong concern from all walks of life.

This year's army 90th anniversary, the army Memorial Exhibition, presents a large number of new ships that will soon be in service, and the most striking is the model 003 aircraft carrier. From the photo point of view, the new aircraft carrier using the general formula of a large wrench, advanced C41SR systems, as well as the vast capacity of the computer and intelligent surveillance system. Among them, the nuclear power, electromagnetic catapult, fifth generation stealth fighter, 100 thousand tons of displacement become the four highlight of the new aircraft carrier.

The first highlight: unlike conventional power carriers of type 001 and 002, the type 003 aircraft carrier uses nuclear power. Russian experts pointed out: according to China's technical level, type 003 aircraft carrier must be nuclear power, no doubt. Although China has already had practical research on the nuclear power system, the nuclear power system is much more complicated than the nuclear submarine. The nuclear power system is not one step at a time, so it needs continuous exploration and improvement. But what is certain is that the type 003 aircraft carrier already has the conditions to equip them with nuclear power, so to speak, there is no suspense about nuclear power.

Second highlights: 003 aircraft carrier is used electromagnetic catapult. For a long time, the issue of whether the 003 type aircraft carrier is steam ejection or electromagnetic ejection is the focus of debate. The five generation fighter + electromagnetic catapult is the standard of nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Although the type 003 aircraft carrier is a nuclear powered ship, then the new carrier is likely to carry the latest electromagnetic catapult system. Because the advantages of electromagnetic ejection compared with the traditional steam ejection is that it can control the ejection output power very accurately. Although the steam catapult can control steam velocity through the mechanical valve, but the control precision. The electromagnetic catapult has completed the technical indicators, has been in the prototype test, 003 aircraft carrier, using the electromagnetic launch technology has matured. Academician Ma Weiming in the news has revealed that the next 3 ships should use electromagnetic ejection, thus further confirmed that the 003 type aircraft carrier is likely to be electromagnetic catapult system.

Third highlights: 003 aircraft carrier will be equipped with stealth destroyer -20 fighter. According to the United States of Pyramid reported that the aircraft industry to fly group developed f -20 has become China air force active duty only five generation machine, but is expected to China Navy again about 10 years will be eliminated f -15, a five generation aircraft carrier facelift. Especially the type 003 aircraft carrier equipped with electromagnetic catapult, shipboard aircraft will be a lot of choice. Is the 003 aircraft carrier equipped with the -20 or the -31? There are western media gives the answer: annihilate -20. American experts are more critical: in addition to the -20, China has no other choice. At present, various sources indicate that the aircraft will be equipped with 003 version of stealth fighters -20 fighter, and a large number of unmanned combat aircraft, and ship UAVs will replace the machine, perform most dangerous and long time task.

Fourth highlights: 003 aircraft carrier displacement of more than 100 thousand tons, is a truly big Mac, no wonder the U.S. military exclaimed incredible.

According to media analysis, 003 aircraft carrier has completed preliminary design, and entered the development stage, is expected to launch in 2020, and its performance close to the United States the most advanced nuclear powered aircraft carrier "Ford".

Author: Sword / Shen rock