Will Hollywood blockbusters be rescued by the Chinese audience? The American media said nothing wrong with it

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Will Hollywood blockbusters be rescued by the Chinese audience? The American media said nothing wrong with it

2017-09-28 18:52:40 260 ℃

In the evergreen series of speed and passion and Pirates of the Caribbean, 75% of the total box office comes from overseas.

The article was compiled from The Wrap website, author Jeremy Fuster, translator: Chen Bin

The May box office is terrible -- especially in the 18 years of the worst "Memorial Day" (American public holiday, usually in May 30th - Translator's note) to the bottom of the words "the sequel fatigue" has been renewed.

"Although the Milky Way guard 2" the continuation of the successful record of Marvel studios, but other sequel like "alien contract" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: 5 mm:" but did not reach the expected, even if the film Chupin also contributed a good return.

Although some evergreen Series in North America harvest into stagnation and even retrogression, but continued revenue depends on emerging markets overseas, these projects are still profitable. In fact, more than 75% of the recent global box office entries have come from outside North America, compared with just 60% to 70% in the past.

"The more films you make, the more likely the box office is to decline," said Jeff Bock, a box office analyst. "The good news is that overseas markets have filled these shares, so major studios are still overweight."

The first classic example of 2017 was speed and passion 8, which became the sixth film to exceed $1 billion at an overseas box office. As the North American harvest of the film was only $223 million, compared with "speed and passion 6", it was 15 million dollars lower, which undoubtedly disappointed the producer.

But in 2015, starring Paul Walker's death once inspired the enthusiasm of the fans, let "fast and the furious 7" global box office to break through $1 billion 500 million, including $353 million in North America a series of highs, while overseas than in "speed and passion" 6 of the $550 million doubled. Although the "fast and furious 8" North American scores fell sharply, but the world still in overseas markets regain a city, especially the mainland Chinese contributed greatly to, "speed and passion" is beyond the previous 8 a box office imports the highest ever.

As a result, 8 of the global box office at $1 billion 220 million for speed and passion 82% came outside North america. Thanks to the global decision in the speed and passion in 2011 "5" in the movie starring Van Dicer racing into a global view of action films, resulting in a relatively small minority outside of racing culture find let audience interested in selling overseas. Join the action star "rock" Johnson and Json Statham also let this has been born 16 years, including 8 works of the series to maintain freshness.

On the other hand, the Pirates of the Caribbean series of North American premiere box office decline is even more alarming. Although Disney for "Pirates of the Caribbean 5 mm:" in the "Memorial Day" on the 4 Day holiday gains of $78 million 480 thousand is acceptable, but compared to "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" with only 3 days to win the $90 million 150 thousand gap between the obvious, not to mention 10 years ago "Caribbean Pirates of the world: 3 at the end of" at the same time the $139 million 800 thousand opening draw scores, the latter to calculate the decline reached 44%.

The two sequels to the Pirates of the Caribbean, 3, have shrunk at the box office, and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 have become the first in the series to break through $300 million in North america. At the same time, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 broke out in the second week of competition for wonder woman, beating the highest 65% drop, down from $62 million 980 thousand in the first weekend to $22 million 90 thousand. The film's total of 10 days was only $115 million, down 25 percentage points from pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Still, Pirates of the Caribbean, 4, grossed $1 billion worldwide, thanks to a record $804 million in overseas markets, a record in 2011. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been particularly successful in Japan, with a cumulative harvest of $108 million. Pirates of the Caribbean, 5, also made a big hit outside North America, breaking $500 million last Sunday, of which $386 million came from overseas markets (accounting for 77%). If the exchange rate is now the "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" overseas Nuggets rate than "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" 22% faster, and in July 1st in Japan after the release of the film's overseas: the local ratio may further move up.

So what's the difference? One of the factors, Ms Bok believes, is that investment in cinemas across the country has increased in recent years, giving viewers in emerging markets more opportunities to appreciate big production films. That's why Pirates of the Caribbean, 4, took $63 million 660 thousand in Russia, more than 1 times as much as pirates of the Caribbean 3.

"China and the mainland are basically still growing," Bock said. "They've built quite a few IMAX screens, which weren't as popular as they used to be."

CEO Greg Foster, of IMAX entertainment, says a big Hollywood production is still more attractive outside North America, partly because social media makes word of mouth easier to spread. He also noted that in many Asian markets IMAX viewers tend to be more young, because young people to watch during the opening weekend blockbuster as a "ceremony", like the American audience for marvel or "Star Wars" movie mad.

"When you look at places like Indonesia, India, or China, Taiwan, you see young people are very impressed with American culture," Forster said. "That's their hobby."

In the above example, Forster believed that the success of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was due to Disney building and promoting its own brand around the world. Indeed, Disney took a special approach to international marketing and made Pirates of the Caribbean 5 the first Hollywood film to premiere in Shanghai. The film was also featured in Disneyland in Paris, and promotions in Europe, Russia and South America were overwhelming.

"Compared with other producers, I think Disney is doing a better job of building fans' trust, so every big production they make is a ritual," Forster said. Forster remains optimistic about the future of the summer blockbuster and the box office decline in recent years.