Why is the speed of domestic aircraft carrier construction so fast? Behind the 2400 welders and night rush

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Why is the speed of domestic aircraft carrier construction so fast? Behind the 2400 welders and night rush

2017-10-04 07:12:45 267 ℃

Recently, the first domestic carrier once again usher in an important node, according to the exposure of the photo shows, domestic carriers have completed the roof top of a mast mounted radar, ship island full of cloth around the scaffolding and other related communications, scanning electronic equipment are also being installed, although domestic carrier ship island size is less than that of Liaoning no, but a variety of functions of the entire island have is too many, the overall performance has been enhanced.

Military experts said that at this time from the domestic carrier is only just five months time, but before this has been repeatedly carried out in dynamic test, and now in the acceleration of radar equipment installation, as one of the most important equipment of ship, if the installation process of the radar array well enough, so after careful debugging after the aircraft carriers will be the fastest in November to begin sea trials, the Navy officially delivered time may advance to the first half of next year.

The aircraft carrier construction is a systematic and huge project, the whole process is very long, in the case of the United States, even has the world's most advanced technology and the most mature aircraft carrier construction experience, the carrier construction process is still long, the Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier ship from last October 2006 the water in January 2009 before the official service, cost a total of 2 years and 3 months, Ford class aircraft carrier in 2013 2017 launch, but the service time, more than 3 years of time. Of course, this is because the Ford aircraft carrier needs more extended sea time because of more new technology.

Russia not to mention, it now has lost the ability to build a new aircraft carrier, even it is not easy to present only a Kuschnir Geoff aircraft maintenance, an overhaul will be spent 2 years of time, sailing again 3 months after a return to Hong Kong for overhaul in 3 years, and Chinese to Chinese carrier but can not adapt to the speed to make the United States and Russia, is expected to have at least one year outfitting, now less than half a year to be completed, the speed also to speed the Russian experts sigh China miracle.

Military experts stressed that the domestic carrier rapid progress than expected, on the one hand and China comprehensive industrial strength and shipbuilding ability strong, on the other hand, cannot do without behind the China day and night research workers and construction. According to reports, domestic carrier welders have as many as 2400 people, divided into several groups, 24 hours in the interior, and the aircraft carrier deck ship island construction work in high temperature, hot and closed hard environment will be gradually made aircraft carrier welding, allegedly domestic aircraft carrier construction work more than 3 workers are welding contribution.

It is foreseeable that aircraft carriers will be the fastest in 2018 will enter the Navy, when two aircraft carrier formation situation will become a reality, however, this is not enough, now the dream is Chinese navy blue water navy, so we must also gain another victory in the nuclear powered aircraft carrier.