Kurdish drama has not been staged, it ended? This country released relentless

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Kurdish drama has not been staged, it ended? This country released relentless

2017-10-04 21:59:05 372 ℃

The referendum in the Iraqi reservoir area has ended, but there are still many follow-up issues, which have laid a new "deep explosion" for the otherwise peaceful Middle east. According to Xinhua news agency, Turkey's president Recep Tayyi Erdogan in September 30th once again warned Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region (area), to the Kurds "(independent) from the dream to wake up, otherwise it will" pay the price "". He also pointed to Israel, saying Israeli intelligence agencies were involved in an independent referendum on the reservoir.

El's speech in Turkey in eastern Erzurum on the same day. He reiterated the earthwork stance, saying "will not accept" the results of the reservoir referendum, Kurds "do not dream."". "What the Kurds do," says Mr El, "is not an independent state in northern Iraq. Instead, they are tearing apart a bleeding wound.". Ignoring this reality is neither good for us nor for the Kurdish brothers in iraq." Mr Erdogan said the Turks were "very sad" when the Israeli flag was waved on the television screen when some Kurds celebrated the results of the referendum in". Turkey had threatened to close its border with the reservoir's land border, Kazakhstan, and cut through the reservoir's oil pipeline through Turkey to the mediterranean. Industry estimates, only the previous one can make the reservoir lost $7 billion. Turkey's prime minister, Binali Yildirim, said the leaders of Turkey, Iraq and Iran will hold summit talks on how to punish the reservoir area. Mr El will visit Tehran in October 4th to discuss matters. There are about 12 million Kurds in Turkey, accounting for 40% of the total population, so Turkey will not allow Kurdish independence in any case, and that effect will be disastrous.

However, in the current situation for the referendum, a little one-sided, except Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq openly anti foreign, are considered to be potential supporters of the United States, also began to publicly oppose. 29 local time, the United States Secretary of state Tillerson said that the United States does not recognize the Iraqi reservoir referendum, and that the lack of legitimacy of voting. That is to say, the independent from the current situation, the basic is not possible, the only supporter of Israel, is powerless to stop so many strong opposition forces, if the reservoir is likely to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily will become a victim. Therefore, the burst point a little while will not be detonated, but as the turmoil in the Middle East and laid a curse. However, there is little to be expected that the United States will not sit idly by and suffer a big Syria despite the current Russian forces completely indifferent, Syria Shirupozhu, but America will certainly not dollars, regeneration of a meter, the Middle East will integrate the power for their own use, instead of.

In fact, the U.S. action in Syria, the most fundamental purpose is to gradually collapse in Iran, Syria as the representative of the pro Russian forces, did not want to, not pressed gourd dipper float, but Syria, after years of turmoil, now gradually stabilize the ground, Turkey and the country, and the United States are drifting away, start backward russia. So, the United States would have to settle for second, try to make the Middle East war chaos, occupy Russia, continue to allow its economic loss. But the Islamic state has the bear reuse, this card is not suitable for playing, America has point out. In this case, the United States is expected to choose to talk, negotiate with Russia, and trade in other directions for Russia's concessions on the Syria issue. In other words, the improvement in the situation in Syria will alleviate the stalemate between the United States and Russia to some extent. This is also what Russia has been looking forward to. As for the independence of the reservoir, when this card is played, it depends on the strategic needs of the United States, chess, after all, have to listen to the players.

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