America's most feared Chinese warship: without any weapons, it is more dangerous than the Liaoning ship

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America's most feared Chinese warship: without any weapons, it is more dangerous than the Liaoning ship

2017-10-11 09:13:45 229 ℃

According to reports, Shanghai Hudong Zhonghua shipyard seventh ship launching 815A electronic reconnaissance ship on 8 august. This is the sixth type of warship launched in China since March 2014.

Electronic reconnaissance ship is a naval service ship for electronic technology reconnaissance. Equipped with a variety of radio receivers, radar receivers, terminal demodulation and recording equipment, signal analysis instruments and receive antennas, etc., some are equipped with electronic jamming equipment. These data collected for codebreaking research communications, band law, research on interference methods, is an important platform for electronic warfare at sea.

The 815 type of electronic reconnaissance ship ship in the second half of 1999 into the East China Sea fleet, developed by China is building multifunctional integrated system reconnaissance ship. After modification, the installation of three large antenna enclosures, and then built this type of warship has been 815A type, and the three spherical radome has become a clear mark 815A electronic reconnaissance ship. The type of reconnaissance ship displacement of about 6000 tons, 130 meters long, 16.4 meters wide, the draft depth of 6.5 meters, equipped with diesel engines and dual axis double rudder propulsion device, the maximum speed of 20. The ship is equipped with the electronic equipment used to intercept enemy radar and radio signals, monitoring and analysis to implement all-weather electronic signals intelligence on multiple targets in a certain range, even with a view of the ship but also on the ballistic missile test of missile trajectory measurement and tracking tasks.

The reconnaissance ship ship reconnaissance equipment installation, data collection and analysis for the submarine hydrological data, lay the front for the fleet or submarine activities in the region. In addition, a large number of electronic equipment equipped with reconnaissance ships can intercept messages and signals from naval vessels, and can also detect the capability of naval sonar systems. Earlier this year, an electronic reconnaissance ship belonging to the Beihai fleet crossed the Strait of light into the eastern Pacific, the shortest route for our fleet to Alaska. To this end, the SDF emergency meeting, analysis of the purpose of China's electronic reconnaissance ship, and sent P-3C patrol aircraft all the way with fly. This time back and forth, Japan deployed in performance parameters near the radar and weapon system and position may appear in our crystal clear eyes became the new commander, target missile.

It is precisely because of the special capabilities of the electronic reconnaissance ship, the world's major naval powers have attached great importance to, and have developed and served all kinds of electronic intelligence reconnaissance ship and Marine Surveillance equipment. According to incomplete statistics, in the cold war, the former Soviet Union used directly for intelligence collection and analysis of the special electronic reconnaissance ship reached more than 60 ships. The United States Navy currently has 25 "special mission ships", its reconnaissance content is extensive, the scope of activities covering the world, in the major maritime areas, all-weather, all time domain investigation activities.

With the gradual expansion of the scope of naval activities in China, which relies on the intelligence gathering ground or air platform. Therefore, our country is difficult to continue, they built a number of large aircraft intelligence gathering ship, strengthen the intelligence security system, boost China's naval combat missions. The massive construction and continuous service of these large electronic reconnaissance ships is an important sign for the Chinese Navy moving towards the ocean and moving towards the construction of the global navy. (sharp knife / old Octopus)