India made "unscientific" warships: Weapons almost, tonnage is 056 times more than China's two!

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India made "unscientific" warships: Weapons almost, tonnage is 056 times more than China's two!

2017-10-25 08:10:03 527 ℃

16 this month, India domestic P28 class anti submarine frigate "kiltan" officially joined the India Navy, the ship is the third grade P28, is expected to build a total of 4 ships, before the two "Kamo tower" and Matt's "respectively in 2014 and 2016. "Kiltan" is built by India Garden Rich shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd., started in August 2010, by the end of March 2013 launch, after a long period of 7 years, finally coming into fruition.

P28 is the first anti submarine India built stealth frigates, using stealth technology from the French La Fayette class, the ship has to get rid of the Russian warship in the shadow of the overall appearance of the design. This type of escort captain is about 110 meters wide, 13 meters wide, 3.5 meters draft, drainage capacity of about 2500 tons, full load displacement of 3200 tons, the highest speed of 32 knots, 18 knots endurance of 3400 nautical miles. The class ships at the beginning of the design requirements for anti submarine warfare in the nuclear, biological and chemical environment, the use of advanced stealth technology, and equipped with advanced weapons and sensors made in India, including the medium caliber naval gun, torpedo tubes, rocket launchers and weapon systems, the first shipment of an integrated platform management system and sonar. Advanced equipment, management and coordination and assistance for power equipment.

The class frigate at the beginning of the construction, India proposed to build domestic, all use of domestic equipment, but due to the domestic construction of the level of overconfidence and not fully prepared, can lead to the timely completion of the three ships, has been in service for there was a long time delay, the first ship of the Kamo tower from the start to service 11 years of time.

This service "kiltan", the main weapons include a 76 mm gun Otto, nearly 2 sets of AK630 anti gun system, 2 twin mount Russian submarine torpedo launch 324 mm torpedo launcher, anti-ship capability is not clear, but the former two equipped with a range of 220 kilometers "club" -N ultrasound the speed of anti-ship missile. As an anti submarine frigate, it will carry an anti submarine helicopter, install towed array sonar and domestic twelve mounted RBU-6000 anti submarine rocket launcher. In the process of domestic India and installed three coordinate surveillance radar, the radar weighs 2.5 tons, can track 150 targets, detection distance of 200 km, mainly used to provide the target azimuth data of air, sea and search, but the foreign media said its actual performance is less than half, and is very unstable, in addition, is expected in the future will be equipped with short-range air defense missile system.

Comparison of our country also belong to the coastal defense frigate 056, the full amount reached 3200 tons, and 1400 tons of weapons equipped with 056 similar, or even inadequate, but compared to European countries 3000 ton ships can often install 32 units of VLS, which highlights the lack of ability to integrate military shipbuilding industry in India the subsystem, can not play 100 per cent of the warship combat capability. In addition, the "kiltan" requires about 190 crew members, 056, can carry 80 people, and the other with the level of the frigate crew are less than 100 people, from these simple figures can reflect its level of automation is not high, the combat system is relatively backward.

Finally, the P28 class ship "Kamo tower in the construction started in August 2005, now has 3 service, another ship has been launching loaded habitat, construction speed and level 056 cannot be mention in the same breath, but as one of India's most advanced stealth destroyer escort, the installation of a large number of domestic equipment in India, although the international brand still used in stealth technology, power system and weapon system, but India is the successful integration of the multinational technology, you can count on is the local manufacturing. (sharp knife / old Octopus)