Four American soldiers did not hit the Chinese soldiers who had not eaten a meal for three days!

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Four American soldiers did not hit the Chinese soldiers who had not eaten a meal for three days!

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(Chen Guanren original, published in a little information and Phoenix, without permission can not reprint, wash manuscript and grab)

In November 1950, Yunshan of the war, the volunteer army was ordered to cross the 40th Yongbyon direction off the enemy's retreat, pursuing enemy. 5, 359 regiment to chase the Yongbyon west dragon Yuandong near Benz enemy transports and APCs still under the mountain road. 359 regiment 1 battalion 1 even, 2, 3 and even 2 battalion 4 even immediately gradually tightening the encirclement, the implementation of the enemy attack division.

3 even from the mountain Xian line diqun, body part.

2 along the highway approaching, straight into Dongshan foot, found that only 4 cars on the road, dragging the howitzer South escape. Zhang Fengshan class 6 battle group rushed in front of the led the whole group immediately inserted in the past, smashed the first car, the car 15 they hurriedly jumped out of the car, to drill under the car resistance. Zhang Fengshan even throw several grenades, wounding two U.S. troops, the rest of the United States on the run. The soldiers of the group immediately chased each other and wanted to grab a live one.

Zhang Fengshan followed his gun and chased off the 4 escaped enemy.

At the moment, he had not eaten for 3 days, his stomach was empty, he pursued a long distance, and he did not catch up with him. When the enemy looked back, only one man was chasing, and he turned back and resisted. "Ping pong", a shoot, Zhang Fengshan killed a U.S. soldier. The remaining 3 American soldiers came to him. Zhang Fengshan picked up the butt toward one of the American soldiers to fight. The United States Army to seize the butt and wrest his backhand. Another American soldier grabbed his collar from the back, and third American soldiers came and hit him on the head and back with fists. The 4 men twisted into a ball and fell together.

The United States soldiers colliers, usually the soldiers of a very difficult. Now Zhang Fengshan has 3 men, and his strength is too wide apart. However, in this An important juncture of life and death to try, and he fling caution to the winds, several American soldiers fought. In the scuffle, he jerked back, mercilessly bite hold his collar of hair very big, American soldiers screamed, loose hands. Zhang Fengshan then grabbed his collar, the enemy is also back, bite his hand. Zhang Fengshan let go of the pain, and the enemy broke away again, and the gun was snatched away. Zhang Fengshan gave up his arm and punched him on the nose of an American soldier. The soldier was beaten and bleeding, step back, put the gun away. Zhang Fengshan took the bow, picks up the rifle and killed an enemy.