36 Syria tank was! The Russians found the real culprit from a photo

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36 Syria tank was! The Russians found the real culprit from a photo

2017-10-25 08:17:35 544 ℃

Recently, the Syria armed organization announced that in June this year until September, about 4 months, the Syria free army belongs to an elite unit Rachman brigade in Damascus suburb of East Guta record.

The Rachman brigade has about 3000 people, mainly veterans, who have been fighting in this area for 6 years, mainly hidden in towns and mountainous areas of Eastern Guta. In the last 4 months, they have launched several ambush operations on the Syrian army using precise information gained from US satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to the Syria free army brigade Rachman in the battlefield, these attacks led to the Syrian army suffered 1700 casualties, destroyed 36 advanced T-72 tanks, 6 infantry fighting vehicles, and armored vehicles, artillery and engineering vehicles etc..

According to the Russian general Kona Schenker J recently disclosed information, this kind of attack is generally the UAV monitoring department and the first satellite observed Syria army troops, and analysis of positioning and deployment of its route and other peripheral army, and real-time transfer to the Rachman brigade, followed by Syria militants after military training of the missile in hand the appropriate position to launch TOW missiles attack Syrian tanks.

Rachman's brigade snipers and machine guns are scattered around high cover and blocking the Syrian army infantry, their main force is mainly through the tunnel between the buildings in each maneuver.

Their automatic rifles and machine gun is not particularly in pursuit of the hit rate, is actually by shooting to Syria army tanks and infantry tank cover into the anti tank missile firing position, and then through the extensive tunnel to escape from the Syrian army, infiltration of peripheral gap.