Trump obediently sent Tiller Sen up "mess", or "batie" let him suffer a great deal

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Trump obediently sent Tiller Sen up "mess", or "batie" let him suffer a great deal

2017-10-25 08:19:10 502 ℃

24, local time, the United States Secretary of state Tillerson should be "Pakistan iron" foreign minister Asif invited to visit Pakistan. This is Tillerson's first visit to Pakistan since he became Secretary of state. The United States hopes to ease the anger of Pakistan, the anti terrorist ally, through this visit.

In August this year, Trump announced a new Afghanistan and South Asia policy, accusing Pakistan of terrorism adversely, provide "asylum" to Taliban, "said not condone the Pakistan as a terrorist organization of heaven", and draw India into Pakistan's backyard of Afghanistan, India did not take that balance.

But in the fierce confrontation between India and Pakistan on the occasion, the United States had the senator and the government of India echoed each other, threatened to implement the "preemptive strike" on Pakistan, to destroy Pakistan's nuclear facilities. If it were said by other countries, it would have been the case of the United States for a long time, but it would have been condemned, heavily sanctioned, and even bombed by the United states.

Pakistan has made a great sacrifice for the United States in the field of anti-terrorism. On the one hand, the United States frequently cross-border terrorist, causing heavy civilian casualties, the Pakistani government to bear huge domestic pressure; on the other hand, extremist terrorist organizations in retaliation for the support of the government of Pakistan to the United States, a terrorist attack at home.

It is conceivable that Pakistan is so angry about the practice of the United States and the Trump administration. Subsequently, Pakistan announced that it would delay the visit of Curtis, the Acting Assistant Secretary of state Wells and the National Security Council, and cancel the plan of Foreign Minister Asif's visit to the United states.

You know, without Pakistan's cooperation, the United States will not be able to solve Afghanistan's problems. If the United States and Pakistan fell out, Russia will certainly enter, as long as a little trick can make us suffer application. In that year, the United States was united with Pakistan for the former Soviet Union and ended up using Afghanistan to bring down the former Soviet union.

The United States clearly realized this, and Secretary Tillerson later said that the U.S. policy towards India and Pakistan had not changed, nor did President Trump. But even so, Pakistan is still angry, and take a test firing medium range ballistic missiles and other methods to fight back the threat of the United States and india.

So this is Tillerson's first visit to Pakistan, India revisited arrangement, put the balance of Trump's South Asian policy stance, apparent "wipe" means. At the same time, India was not included in President Trump's first visit to Asia Pacific next month.

This time, Pakistan is convenient to open conditions for cooperation with the United states". 23, the Pakistani media quoted senior officials as saying that Pakistan will continue to cooperate with the U.S. government and the U.S. military, but no longer allow the U.S. military to take action on the BA territories. The requirement of "Ba Gang" can not be excessive. How can a sovereign state let other countries' army come and go?.