In Malawi, the old man turned his gun on the big country that had helped him!

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In Malawi, the old man turned his gun on the big country that had helped him!

2017-10-28 13:44:59 470 ℃

The first author: military Pilgrim

According to Philippines's "world news" reported on October 27th, President Duthel Te in Philippines last week that the CIA plot to he will be expelled from the government, prior to this, Duthel Te also said the CIA to kill him". As early as in Philippines in October 29th last year, "Manila times" had quoted the sources said the former U.S. ambassador to Philippines Goldberg had detailed planning how to oust Duthel Te, even put the plan submitted to the U.S. Department of state". At the time, he had accused some American ambassadors of being an expert in subverting foreign governments".

Lao Du recently described as unashamedly, not only a strong counterattack to attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Philippines and the EU countries and even threatened to expel EU diplomats, refused to accept the British linked with the issue of human rights in economic aid, ignore western power policy. In addition, the government will set up a "revolutionary government" to prevent the domestic opposition from launching the color revolution and bring disaster to the country. Now, the old Du and pulls out old settle scores on the United States, its purpose is very clear, that is the time for a showdown with the United States to draw a line.

Although the current US ambassador to Philippines in 26 denied the CIA attempted to overthrow Duthel Te, emphasis on the relationship between the United States and is still very strong, and also declared that the United States in 2016 won the respect Duthel Te's election victory". But the Philippines media do not buy it, "world news" reported that former U.S. ambassador to Philippines Goldberg to "Du" plan lists a year and a half of the schedule, he analyzed the old Du weaknesses that need to gather all the opposition political weapon, and incite the people of Philippines and Duthel Te's allies of his discontent so, completely isolated, pulling him down, eventually replaced by the United States for love.

In fact, no matter how old I was Du Philippines media questioned on the United States is not after all, subversion and assassination Weakness lends wings to rumours., "disobedient" leaders are always means the CIA, South Wu Yanting, South Korea's Pu Zhengxi, Venezuela's Chavez, none of the CIA's sword revenant. Since I took office and old Du also experienced more than one assassination, although there is no conclusive evidence to show that these for the assassination of old Du associated with the CIA, but in view of the old Du "disobedient" behavior, and the United States to "not obedient" state leaders always despicable means, which makes the United States ambassador to Philippines will no doubt explain is so feeble.

In addition, the Philippines Malawi suffered massive terrorist attacks, although there is no clear evidence that the CIA involved, but because there are from the Middle East IS extremist members of terrorist attacks in the United States to participate in, and have been confirmed with the Middle East terrorist group IS had some close contact. Therefore, Lao Du has reason to suspect that the terrorist attack in Malawi is not related to the United states. The reason why the United States will spare no effort to help the old Du anti-terrorism, its real purpose is to win over the old Du, the United States through military aid and sent special forces to provide intelligence support for the Philippine military counter-terrorism operations, help the old Du win the war on terror, to let the old Du to the United States with thanksgiving Germany, will eventually become Philippines to build containment Chinese bridgehead.

Although the old du to the United States to overthrow him to already know very well, but still accept the help in Malawi counterterrorism operations, Lao Du did so, is actually an expedient choice. First of all, the rebel US philippine armed forces in the territory of Philippines. Operations in the years of cooperation, cooperation in counter-terrorism operations in Malawi have far more advantages than China and russia. Secondly, although Lao Du had made up his mind to get rid of the United States and cooperate with China at the beginning of his power, he did not dare to offend the United States until he recognized the sincerity of China's cooperation. This is the old Du came at the beginning of the "big mouth" talk don't count, playing "between the two countries play a double game" trick "".

With the end of the war in Malawi earlier because of drug problems, led to a substantial decline in the support rate has rebounded, more importantly, Lao Du has been fully confirmed China sincerity. In the past year, not only in the economic aspects of the Philippine China provides a strong support, and counterterrorism operations in Malawi, Chinese to provide a large number of Philippine military aid, and laid a solid foundation for the final victory of counter-terrorism operations. In addition, China not only promised to help the post war reconstruction in Malawi and Philippines, but also helped a large number of construction machinery free of charge to help Philippines to rebuild after the war. More importantly, in western countries under the pretense of human rights, and even accused of threatening the occasion of drug policy to old Du Chinese to give old Du the most powerful support.

And for Philippines to provide military aid to Russia to sell weapons is different, Chinese military and economic aid to Philippines is selfless and without any purpose, this is undoubtedly more firmly on the old Du trust China, coupled with the current Chinese have enough to contend with America's economic and military strength, and international influence, can to ensure the Philippines from the U.S. economy, political and military threat. In this case, no old Du menace from the rear in order to safeguard the security and stability of Philippines, and completely cut off the opposition launched a color revolution thought, American forces out of Philippines has become the only option.

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