U.S. media top annual global sales of the top ten fighter aircraft China list, on the list

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U.S. media top annual global sales of the top ten fighter aircraft China list, on the list

2016-07-21 21:37:32 549 ℃

Author: Hong photo Kursk

Recently, the famous multimedia financial services web site "at the Motley Fool" voted for the 2016 annual global sales of the previous ten aircraft, China has a old fighter unexpectedly diverted to the two places. Actually, the Motley Fool, not arms trading companies, and military equipment and eight pole together, but the company every year but named "the world's most popular top 10 fighter", of course, the so-called popular refers to sales ranked in the top ten.

Why is this so?

Originally, this house is located in Alexandria, Virginia, the company, founded in 1993, is the famous multimedia financial services company, mainly for investors in the stocks, funds and personal finance, such as providing financial solutions. The company's name comes from Shakespeare's comedy "as you wish", Fool is a fool, a fool, the image of the company is also a fun with the top hat of the stage clown. Its meaning is similar to the same as a fool, to provide customers with comprehensive and convenient financial advisory services.

Since it is a financial advisory services and so on the global arms trade, is stock trades in the industry sector is particularly concerned with, which is an annual launch global sales of the top ten fighters list. Let us look at this "fool" is how the company to investors, rather than the army fans to introduce the bar!

Fool Motley, in the report, said: many companies have developed fighter aircraft, some of which are listed companies, but only a small part of the investment is worth the investment. In twenty-first Century, there was a fighter, a fighter, but the choice of which depends on how much you want to pay for it?

If you have hundreds of millions of dollars in hand to throw? For example, you are the American government, then please Lockheed Martin design and build an F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, which is a world recognized the world's strongest air superiority fighter, of course, you have to pay a $4.12 billion to buy.

Photo: a 412 million $F-22 raptor.

But with the same amount of $, you can buy a small amount of more practical fourth generation F/A-18 "big wasp" or "Eagle" fighter aircraft to Boeing. Of course, retail price of about $100 million a, economic and affordable. Or, if you have a budget, may like a beautiful former Soviet Su-27 flanker fighter, as long as pay $18 million we can fix it for you.

Are you so inclined to buy an American plane? Why not buy a Cessna's latest "scorpion" fighters have a try? It only needs $17 million a. Therefore, various types of buyers to choose what kind of military aircraft and different prices, depending on their own needs.

Image: the United States the latest "scorpion" attack machine price 1700 in case of aircraft, close to an old version of the Su -27 fighter.

So, take a look at Fool Motley's 2016 most popular fighter in the year!Of course, in the eyes of financial investors, the most popular is not necessarily the most advanced, but certainly the best sales!

No10 Chengdu: Chinese f -7 (J-7) fighter (no longer in production)

Picture: the United States Air Force enemy a China Chengdu fighters -7II Fighter Squadron has been painted, painting the Soviet union.

Motley Fool company over the years, sales of the top ten fighter, China Chengdu F-7 fighter always stably maintained in the name of the 10 position. According to the international flight, flightglobal) annual "world air force" statistics, the Chinese version of the Soviet MIG -21F-13 fighter aircraft no longer in production, but the world still have 418 aircraft in service, accounting for 3% of the global market share. Therefore, f -7 firmly occupy the global sales of the top ten list of the tenth fighter.

No9: China Chengdu annihilates -7 modified (F-7M) "Guardian" foreign fighters (the price of 200-300 million U.S. dollars / frame)

Image: Pakistan air force F-7PG air guardian fighter.

Can not expect the financial advisory services company has many professional, but he will be in the 1980s before sell out old F-7 and 1980s later and sold in the form of trade in the Israeli army fighters -7M/P/PG and so on listed separately, there are indeed some truth. These fighters began with the requirements of the development of Pakistan, was named as the "guardian of the air", follow the installation of double delta wing, to become an independent series.

The company, through military trade export Chengdu fighter - 7 in the international arms market called F-7. It is also the MiG-21 fighter of the twins, but the convergence of the Chinese and western the latest technology, and achieved very good sales performance. Over the past 12 months, these F-7 improved and achieved a certain sales, the current Chinese people sold out of a total of 459 F-7 improved fighter, occupy 3% of the international market share.

Here I have no responsibility to guess what,If the Motley Fool will be two f ninth and tenth with -7 statistics, is not it will occupy 6% of the market?Maybe the ranking of Chinese aircraft will be further forward.

No8: the United States Northrop Grumman Corporation F-5 "tiger" type fighter aircraft (selling price of 2000-2500 million U. S. dollars)

Image: F-5 "tiger" fighter is still in the air force in many countries.

The company's report said that the Northrop Grumman Corporation's F-5 "tiger" type of fighting is no longer in production. But even so, in the past year, some retired aircraft seem to have recovered from the archive. "Flying international" (Flightglobal) annual "world air force" statistics, the number of aircraft in service from a year ago, 468 of the increase to the current 482, but also accounted for 3% of the market share.

But here the author Tucao about the price, if the Motley Fool, said the price is right, the MiG-21 fighter with a grade of lightweight fighter, Americans still dare to buy $20-25 million a frame. This is the western world international fighter? It's a real money! We must agree on the political terms of the Americans. It seems that hegemony is the way.Personally feel that this should be a multiple of a hit zero!

No7: Russia's Sukhoi Su -25 "frogfoot" attack aircraft ($11 million / frame)

Picture: Su -25 in the world of the proliferation of far more than A-10 to succeed.

Motley Fool company introduction, Su-25 Soviet American A-10 "Warthog" attack machine the resounding response, is a special "tank killer" attacker. In the international arms market, Su -25 far more than the "Warthog" attack machine more popular. "Flying international" (Flightglobal) data show that the United States Air Force only 291 A-10 attack aircraft, other countries have not. But the Soviet -25 attack aircraft in a total of 503 combat flying, occupy about 3% of the market share.

No6: the Russian Mikoyan MIG -21 design bureau "Fishbed" fighter (the price of $25 thousand / frame)

Picture: the MIG -21 fighters used to be the world's most popular fighter.

Motley Fool company pointed out: MiG-21 fighter was the world's most popular fighters, but in recent years, the MiG - 21 number continues to decline. From 2013 793, to 2014 698, and then to 2015 668, and in 2016 this year, only 551 of the statistics down. Because the machine is no longer in production, it is difficult to say a new fighter need to spend how many money, but you can certainly on the eBay website conveniently flower buy a MiG-21 fighter in the $2.5 million, of course, is can't fly.

Company Motley Fool believes that the MiG-21 fighter still occupy 4% of the market share, if calculated on the "twins" --- Chinese J-7 and F-7, so there are currently 1428 aircraft ownership and market share will reach 10%.

No5: the Russian Mikoyan Design Bureau MIG -29 fighter "($40 million / frame)

Picture: the MIG -35 fighters is the newest member of the MIG -29 fighters family.

Last year a MiG - 29 fighter a new variant of the MIG utility model does appear, plans in 2016 put into service, the MIG added new market share, the company Motley Fool said. At present, according to the statistics of various series of global MIG -29 fighters 819, accounting for 6% of the market share.

Here still have to pay attention to the Motley Fool company gives the assessment unit, $40 million a frame was referring to is the new MiG-35 fighter.

No4: Boeing F-15 "Eagle" fighter ($100 million)

Image: the United States F-15 fighter has gradually lost the international competitiveness.

In recent years, Boeing F-15 fighter jets due to high cost and no stealth, in a number of national military procurement bidding defeated in the case, the total service number continued to decline. Last year, Boeing only provided 12 F-15 fighter to customers, so that the amount maintained at 858, accounting for 6% of the global market share.

No3: Russia's Sukhoi Su -27 flanker ($17 million / frame)

Picture: Su -35 is the leader of the Su -27 family.

Company Motley Fool believes that due to the increasing Russian military spending, and the ruble devaluation of the international competitiveness, which prompted the Su-27 flanker fighter is still the most popular Russian Air Force fighter, is the third of the world's most popular fighter. Including the Su - 30, Su - 35 variant, flanker family in the global total 943 aircraft in service, accounted for 6% of the global market share.

This strange is 17 million dollar price tag, obviously used the old version of the Su-27 price, can not imagine the new Su-35 can at this low price to get, even far below the MiG-35 4000 in case frame.

No2: the United States Boeing F/A-18 "big wasp" fighter (price 92 million U. S. dollars / frame)

Image: the Canadian Air Force's CF-18 fighter.

Fool Motley believes that the family of F/A-18 fighter aircraft in the world to maintain the amount of 1045, but also accounted for 6% of the global share. , of course, for this "plastic worms, Motley Fool, didn't even more words to evaluate, apparently Motley Fool company boss is a" cat "party, grudge against insects.

No1: Lockheed Martin Corporation F-16 Falcon fighter ($34 million / frame)

Image: F-16 fighter retains the world's first.

F-16 fighter jets have for the third consecutive year occupy the Motley Fool companies list in the first place, moderately priced principle of Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets are fully reflected. At present, the global total of active F-16 fighter 2264, occupy 16% of the market share. F-16 is still the most popular fighter in the world.

Why investors are concerned about the fighter

Fool Motley company believes that the aircraft manufacturing enterprises to sell more aircraft, you can share more basic research and development costs, the lower the price of each aircraft. The lower the cost, the lower the cost, it is easier to sell more aircraft, to further increase market share, so as to form a snowball effect.

As Lockhead Martin has sold more than 4500 F-16 fighter jets to countries around the world. This is not surprising, because it is one of the most cost-effective fighter, its cost is only $21450 / per flight hour. In contrast, the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth aircraft cost $67549 per hour.

Currently, half of the F-16 fighter is still in flight and service, maintenance and upgrading of the income of the Lockhead Martin company earned a bowl full, this aspect to the Lockheed Company shareholders income profit margin reached 11%. At the same time, the Lockheed Company is expected to make F-16's successor F-35 stealth fighter to continue the brilliant performance of the former.

Image: F-16 and F-35 are the two generation sales of Lockheed Company!

Rainbow library review:

Fool Motley's list is not a professional aviation or military category list, in which the details of the errors and problems still exist. But this list from the cost effectiveness of the cost effectiveness of the world's top ten fighters were analyzed, with a very good reference.

China's current export fighter is the best Xiaolong fighter, but still failed to list occupy a place, of course, famous European countries gust of wind, typhoon, Eagle lion fighter did not appear on the list. These aircraft may be very advanced, very good fighter, but still less export. Look at the row in the first 10 Chinese F-7 fighter, 418 aircraft ownership, at least to exceed this figure was likely to enter the top ten. A new generation of Chinese fighter in the face of international arms trade and market competition, also need to continue to work hard, carry on the tradition of "seven" and create brilliant achievements!

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