Vigilance: South Korean companies to China with the dispute over the country's exports of arms

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Vigilance: South Korean companies to China with the dispute over the country's exports of arms

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International Online reports 20 days, South Korea's former members of Congress Song Yingshan in participating in a field on the deployment of the "Sade" political talk shows openly insulted the Chinese, "20 years ago that help 11 billion beggar, how dare so treat Korea!" If the South Korean politicians just in oral hostile to China, South Korean companies to hostile to China's arms exports to the country is on national security of China actual threat. Sichuan newspaper observed client finishing found that South Korean military enterprises have been to Philippines, Indonesia, India, Turkey and other countries export a large number of arms, endangering China's national security.

(the former member of the Republic of Korea)

Armed Philippines: South Korea provides air equipment spare no effort

Philippines and China in the South China Sea dispute, also launched the so-called South China Sea arbitration denied China's sovereignty and related rights and interests in the South China sea. The United States and Japan in order to curb Chinese, engage in joint military drill through the way to Philippines to cheer. South Korea by the export warships, aircraft to the way Philippines Philippines.

Starting in 2012, Philippines began bidding to buy two new squadron of jet trainer aircraft and upgrade them to fighter aircraft, with an average of 16 to 24 aircraft per squadron of jet aircraft. According to Xinhua News Agency reported, the Philippine defense minister Jia Siming revealed that Korea Aerospace Industries (Kai) the T-50 trainer aircraft "Golden Eagle" into the Philippine government is considered a popular candidate models.

(South Korea T50 trainer)

According to the new network reported that by the end of 2014, the Korean navy will be a retired Pohang class destroyer presented to the Philippines navy. Pohang class frigates built by South Korea's shipyards, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the Daewoo shipyard and South Korea entrusted to Mary shipyard, composed of two MTU diesel engines and one lm2500 gas turbine engine diesel fuel hybrid propulsion system to promote. The ship a total length of 88.3 meters, displacement of 1200 tons, 6260 shaft horsepower, the maximum cruising speed of 32 knots, endurance capacity of 4000 nautical miles (15 knots). The frigate is mainly used for coastal patrol, anti submarine, anti-ship and anti-aircraft operations. In addition, South Korea also donated a general landing craft and 16 rubber boats to Philippines.

South Korean media also reported in 2013, the future does not rule out the South Korean fighter aircraft and ships with the flag of Philippines, and the Chinese fighter jets and warships to fight scenes staged in Nansha".

South Korea's exports to Indonesia

In 2011, the Korea Aerospace Industries and Indonesian Ministry of defense signed to Indonesia's exports to South Korea estate T - 50 type "Golden Eagle" supersonic advanced trainer. Guangming reported that the contract includes 16 T - 50 type of trainer, the total value of about $400 million. December 2015, the people's Daily reported that South Korean exports to Indonesia, a T-50 trainer aircraft crashed on the day of the crash, 2 pilots were killed. Description in 2015 South Korea's trainer has been serving in the Indonesian army.

(Indonesia's T50 fighter jet crashed)

Natuna Islands sea area for Chinese fishermen's traditional fishing grounds, the marine rights and interests of both China and Indonesia claims overlap in the area. On July 13, the Indonesian defense minister said will enhance the Natuna islands, off the coast of security and defense, including the deployment of warships, fighter planes, anti-aircraft missiles, radar and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to build new quay and upgrade runway etc.. I don't know what the deployment of Indonesia to Natuna Islands fighters, but coach T-50 Indonesia is one of machine equipment.

Export India self propelled artillery: used for mountain combat

Reference News Network November 2015 reported that South Korea at a price of about $750 million unit price to India sold 100 local design and manufacture of 155 mm caliber K-9 self-propelled howitzer. K-9 self propelled artillery by South Korea's Samsung Group R & D, in 1999 into the Korean army. Analysts pointed out that India will be imported from South Korea's K-9 self-propelled howitzer for mountain warfare.

China and India in the Zangnan area of territorial disputes, China and India border line has not been delineated. Since 2009, India has a plan for the development of the infrastructure of the frontier. Global Times reported that 20 days ago in India, the Indian military deployment in the border area of the deployment of armored forces, claiming that nearly 100 tanks have been assembled in the border a few kilometers, more operational units will arrive in recent days. After the deployment of tanks to the border in India, is likely to deploy self-propelled howitzer to the border as a support force.

(integrated global times, people's daily, Xinhua)

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