The key performance of the final flight of the three swordsman of a large aircraft is not as good as that of Japan.

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The key performance of the final flight of the three swordsman of a large aircraft is not as good as that of Japan.

2017-12-06 18:40:27 157 ℃

China is a vast country area, long coastline, and many islands, and the distribution area is very wide, the water on the plane, especially the large type water plane has a very urgent demand. In civil, thunderboat can protect the fisheries; in the military, troops in combat training and inevitably will appear over the ocean, aircrew ejection parachute, ship personnel into the sea; to the construction of the conventional airport island garrison troops, inevitably there will be emergency logistical needs such as illness or and injured personnel need to transfer to the rear as soon as possible. Relative to the helicopter, thunderboat can also be in the target range of water landing, take-off, but the performance advantages of its voyage, large loading capacity, long time and high flight speed often can not be replaced. Therefore, it is very appropriate for large water aircraft to carry out inspection, anti submarine, rescue and island recharge. In addition, in the northeast region, a large seaplane to perform routine patrols, and the use of water, near the water rapid fire task in forest fire, it is also very effective. In 50s

last century, Chinese imported 6 -6 don't water aircraft from the Soviet Union, the 6 frame -6 during service don't have massive patrols in the Sino Soviet relations because reason cannot obtain accessories, also modified the replacement of the engine. After the decommissioning of the -6 water plane, China independently developed the "water bombardment -5" type of water patrol bomber, which was put into use in 1986. But limited to the level of science and technology, and demonstrates the design is too hasty, Tandaqiuquan, "the design of flight 5 platform water detonation" is too primitive, simple, there are serious performance limitations and backward function. The Navy wants "water detonation 5" to assume the burden of maritime patrol, also plans to "water detonation 5" equipped with passive phased array radar and "Eagle 1" supersonic anti-ship missile. However, the actual service of the "water bomb 5" did not equipped with passive phased array radar, no "Eagle 1" anti-ship missile. As a result, "water bombardment 5" is very embarrassing, neither anti submarine capability, nor large range search capabilities, nor the ability to attack ships. The Chinese Navy also tried to make "water bombardment 5" carry out some special tasks, such as providing supplies for submarines or reefs, but it was not successful. Finally, the "water bombardment 5" was only deployed in 4. In the year of

although the comprehensive performance of AG600 amphibious aircraft has reached the advanced level of the world, but it is important to note that, in the field of thunderboat, AG600 also can not say that the world. The first successful US-2 amphibious amphibious aircraft in Japan in 2013 is the largest integrated water aircraft in the world at present. The aircraft adopts a large number of advanced aviation technology. The key point of improvement is the operation performance of water and off water, the increase of pressurized cabin, the use of line control system and integrated dashboard. US-2 installed AE2100 engine Rolls Royce company, and reduce the main wing, wave plate and float weight. With new engines, new technologies and new materials, US-2 has achieved very high performance. Compared with the Chinese AG600 type, the maximum take-off weight of AG600 is 53 tons, larger than that of US-2, and the AG600 cruise speed is about 500 km / h, slightly better than US-2. On the voyage, the AG600 voyage is 4500 kilometers, slightly smaller than US-2. On the wave resistance capability, the AG600 is 2-2.8 meters, which is inferior to the US-2's 3 meters, and the AG600's request to the landing and landing area is 1500 meters long, 200 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep, which may be very different from US-2. The take-off weight of 43 tons, US-2 takeoff distance is only 280 meters.

however, anyway, with the service of the Chinese aircraft, a short board in China's special aircraft has been effectively compensated. Although in terms of comprehensive performance, there are some areas of AG600 shortage, but in the near future, these short boards will be made up one by one.