The American hypersonic weapon was in service 4 years later and lost its leading position in China to do better

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The American hypersonic weapon was in service 4 years later and lost its leading position in China to do better

2017-12-06 18:40:30 148 ℃

recently, the two chambers of the US Congress suddenly passed a "2018 fiscal year National Defense Authorization Act", which explicitly called for the us to make hypersonic weapons have the initial operational capability in 2022. The passage of such a bill quickly led to a massive controversy over the world's public opinion. Many military fans have also said that this service advanced weapons in the United States so what lies behind a burning with impatience, what major reason?

, especially the development process of hypersonic weapons in China, has aroused the attention of the Americans. According to us department information, China's current hypersonic weapons are already named Dongfeng -ZF and are now able to reach a strong speed of 10 Maher. What's more amazing to the Americans is that Dongfeng -ZF has been experimented eight times so far, which is exciting every time. It is enough to make the world admire the strength of China's military industry.

the United States hypersonic weapons, always seem to stumble. Although the US has developed two hypersonic weapons, the test results are not very ideal, not only the success rate is low, but also the performance is not stable. I'm afraid this is also a major reason for the worry in the US Congress. But it is not mature weapons for 4 years of service, not only to the suspects, even they might be self defeating, appear larger and more complex.

is seeing that the US has already set up a schedule for hypersonic weapons to serve, so Russia can't sit still. Russian experts said that in the field of hypersonic weapons, Russia must not lag behind. We must ensure that the Russian YU-71 hypersonic weapon will be delivered to the force around 2025. Although Russia has only carried out a related test at present, Russia has indeed shown an unwillingness to lag behind in the present situation.

will not turn a blind eye when it sees that the US and Russia have unveiled their national hypersonic weapons schedules. Authoritative experts have revealed that China will never lag behind in this respect. In the near future, China will serve hypersonic weapons in the light of its needs.

Author: cutting edge / joy sheep weapons analysis