Pit pig friend: the soldier, a self timer, has a serious consequence of the country.

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Pit pig friend: the soldier, a self timer, has a serious consequence of the country.

2017-12-06 18:40:34 168 ℃

with the increasing popularity of mobile phone, send customers on social networks has become a very popular thing, but for the soldier, if the task is being performed or in the barracks, then do not take pictures, because it may accidentally leaked out the country's military secret however, this kind of thing is not alarmist, the lesson is also very much, today to say a Russian soldier is a small example of his self portrait was pit throughout the country.

happened in 2015, when the conflict in eastern Ukraine is very fierce, Ukraine played by a group of regular Army militia find north, Ukraine and some western countries suspect that Russia has provided money, weapons and training to help the militia, and even directly involved in the Russian military militia, but Russia to deny Ukraine and Western Zhengchou can't find evidence when the network picture has caused a great disturbance, this picture is a self portrait called "sunnyasia Lancaster Qin", originally very ordinary a selfie made western intelligence officers discovered the trick.

based on dynamic social network account prior to this release, this person is a Russian servicemen, and he has just released from the camera location is in Ukraine, the evidence was exposed, Russia had nothing to say, suddenly faced international criticism, under tremendous pressure of public opinion, not only that in Western countries, also took the opportunity to tough economic sanctions against Russia, that the economy is not good can be said that a Russian one disaster after another, a little self will pit the entire country, although the soldiers have been punished, but serious consequences have been irreparable.

you may have heard about the "Daqing oil leak case photos", then China media published a photo of Wang Jinxi Zhang Tieren, who made unintentionally, but look at those determined, the Japanese intelligence experts to carry out careful analysis of this photo by Wang Jinxi wearing a cotton padded jacket, deduced that the oil field information latitude, according to the type inference device out of the hands of Wang Jinxi oil pipeline diameter wells, drilling and oil through the photo in the background of distance and drilling density determine roughly oil production and reserves, according to the key information, Japanese quickly created a set of the most suitable for Daqing Oilfield mining equipment, make a visible, Japanese ability analysis.

is fortunate that Japan is only motivated by economic motives. Our loss is only a little money. If it's a military strategic intention, the consequences will be unthinkable. While the mission soldiers can not casually self, this is the reason why, for example, can be exposed by self military movements, United States occurred because of a self in Iraqi soldiers exposed position camp came under heavy shelling things, loss of a number of Apache helicopter, so don't look a little the photos, there may be a threat to national security.