How dare Japan rename the Diaoyu Island? Chinese directly refute unflinchingly!

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How dare Japan rename the Diaoyu Island? Chinese directly refute unflinchingly!

2017-12-06 18:40:41 115 ℃
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military aircraft Baihu Tang

Japan Okinawa Ishigaki city mayor before the City Council to submit a bill to the Diaoyu Islands, the administrative division was changed from "Ishigaki city to wild city" for the "Ishigaki Ichito wild city senkaku". This move was again measured up to gou Chinese sternly refuted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said this, the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times is the inherent territory of China, China's determination to maintain territorial sovereignty firmly. No matter what the Japanese play, it can not change the fact that the Diaoyu Island belongs to China.

data figure: China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang

recently, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has just declared access China expectations, after more Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative" strategic initiatives stated publicly that Japan "in cooperation", "Sino Japanese cooperation in infrastructure to meet the strong demand in Asia, the not only for the development of the two countries, also contributed to the prosperity of the people of asia". The above signs seem to show a good trend in the development of Sino Japanese relations. However, after hearing the good words just now, the Japanese government is now trying to impose various tricks on China's inherent territory, the Diaoyu Islands, which has to question the essential appearance of Japan's attitude towards China.

perhaps, Japan is just under the current situation, and in the absence of a way, it reminds us of the need to repair relations with China. Because now China's international influence is increasing, even the US is coming to China. If Japan continues to oppose China, the final loss will surely be Japan. The shrewd Andouble administration didn't even want to understand this. So Abe Shinzo spoke with his hair and said that he should actively improve relations with China. In the final analysis, Japan was afraid of being sold by the United States, so it left behind a way for itself.

data: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo

has chosen to improve relations with China. Why do the Andouble administration make a big fuss about the issue of Diaoyu Islands? On the one hand, this may be the Ishigaki City politicians in order to increase their political election and design farce, because the current mayor Ishigaki city because of scandal and questioned by people, is now promoting the so-called "renamed" plan, purpose is through the hype "China threat" and "Japanese sovereignty" sheer fallacy, reach Bo eye, increase support to.

on the other hand, the issue of Diaoyu Island is also a means for the Japanese government to test the bottom line of China and to gain the attention of the international community. Japan knows its claim of sovereignty is untenable and knows that China has undisputed sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands. However, the Andouble administration is still happy to do things on this issue so as to achieve the purpose of creating unstable factors. Abe Shinzo is now seeking to revise the pacifist constitution, and there is a clear expansion program, so the Japanese need to create a complex international environment, so as to provide sufficient to excuse the SDF restructuring, arms development. Speculation about the Diaoyu Islands issue and the complexity of the regional situation just can provide the "development environment" that Japan wants, so the Andouble administration has never stopped using such tactics.

hype the Diaoyu Islands issue, a move that is actually Japan will cater to the United States at present, the situation in Northeast Asia is getting worse because of the contradiction between the United States and provoking, and North Korea is constantly increasing. As the most trusted younger brother in the East Asian region, Japan must not be idle, so we have to create something to meet the US's strategic plan for the cold war.

data figure: Trump and Abe Shinzo

, but no matter how Japan can not change the Diaoyu Islands belong to stir up enmity, Chinese fact. As a aggressor country defeated in World War II, Japan did not think about reflecting on the history well, but it was still looking for trouble everywhere. This uneasy image would only cause the unanimous discontent of the international community. If Japan continues to do this self deceiving activities, so the Japanese could not be accepted by the international society.

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