This winter, the Indians evacuated the hole but the Chinese army did not withdraw.

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This winter, the Indians evacuated the hole but the Chinese army did not withdraw.

2017-12-07 00:33:00 139 ℃

11 month 30 afternoon, the Chinese Ministry of defense routine press conference. With the usual similar questions and answers, but there is a question, very meaningful.

according to the Department of defense website, a reporter to ask questions like this:

recent Sino Indian diplomatic and military officials at the border affairs consultation, during which the two sides about the line of control including border security, military confidence building measures, especially the Indian armed forces headquarters will require the establishment of the hotline, the hotline has what progress? Have they talked about establishing other confidence measures between the two armies? "

second problems. At present, the Chinese army still deploys troops in the Dong Lang area. According to the usual practice, the two sides will evacuate every winter, but this time, the Chinese side has not withdrawn troops. What is the reason for this? Why are there still China Army garrison?

, director of the Information Department of the Ministry of defense and Wu Qian, spokesman of the Ministry of defense, replied, "

, I'll correct it first. After deepening the reform of the national defense and the army, the Chinese army has no longer implemented the headquarters system. During the Tenth China India border affairs consultation and coordination working mechanism meeting,

exchanged views on maintaining peace and tranquility in the border area, including border affairs between the two armies. With regard to the specific situation you are talking about, the two sides will continue to communicate.

on the second question, the Dong Lang area is China's territory, and we will independently determine the deployment of the troops on the basis of this principle.


is the most important, second, information revealed at least three points: first

, past practice, the two sides will withdraw from the winter long hole area, but this time, no Chinese withdrawal.

, in a word, because the Dong Lang confrontation, the practice of China does not work.

second , have integrated earlier in August 29th the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying that China has indicated that the Indian border personnel and equipment have been withdrawn Chinese India boundary side, border troops continue to patrol in the area long hole at.

, that is to say, the Indian side to withdraw, but the Chinese continue to patrol stationed.

third, China's struggle for wisdom. India's past cross-border interference in China's normal road construction, China has maintained great restraint, and even caused some netizens' dissatisfaction. But we didn't shoot the first shot, unwilling to expand the event and affect the overall diplomatic situation. But this does not mean that

is Chinese swallow. According to foreign media reports, it is in the long hole confrontation, China will be a large number of heavy weapons right and proper, transported to the first line, greatly improving the China first-line firepower deployment, made "for years to do but did not make things .

now, the practice has not, the winter arrived, the Chinese troops continued to stay in Dong Lang.

of course, China soldiers worked hard, in the bitter cold. Pay tribute to them!

is ready for a rainy day. The next confrontation, India must weigh again.