The super big mammy will use nuclear power, and the fuel can be used for a week.

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The super big mammy will use nuclear power, and the fuel can be used for a week.

2017-12-07 00:36:09 176 ℃

"2017 China International Maritime Technology Conference and Exhibition" opened in Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Center. The theme of this year is "lead, connect and grow", and share new achievements in technology development. This exhibition has an unprecedented scale. Intelligent ships, luxury cruise ships, energy saving and emission reduction, green shipping, etc. have become the focus of attention in the industry. The leading role of the exhibition enterprise is still the most attractive audience for the two major companies of China Ship Heavy Industry and Chinese ships, and the area is the largest. Because of the Maritime Exhibition, there are many civil ships built by the factories of the two companies. The booth is full of bulk carriers, LNG ships and so on. Of course, we also have the exhibition hall of the official ship, from 1000 ton marine vessel to 5 kiloton fishing administration ship to ten thousand ton patrol boat.

booth full cargo ship, the ship LNG

from the maritime ship kiloton to 5 tons of fishing boats to patrol million tons of a large family of 719th whole show visitors and users of

in shipbuilding industry many vendors brought heavy pounds of ship power revolution, shows a set of "national marine nuclear power demonstration platform, show a concept of nuclear power platform model and three is the research of" nuclear powered icebreaker "," nuclear power integrated support ship "and" nuclear powered submersible offshore platform". It is self-evident that the most striking of these three exhibits is the "nuclear power integrated ship"!

"nuclear power integrated support ship"

"model of nuclear power integrated support ship model is very obvious with naval features throughout the ship with Chinese naval grey bow sharpened by high speed, tall bridge slightly introverted stealth design, with 10 red flags like anti-aircraft weapons, and with 4 gantry, is equipped with a helicopter deck aft frame type Navy helicopter. This type is completely different from the existing comprehensive replenishment ship of the Chinese navy. The Chinese navy has multiple types of existing integrated supply ships, most of which are 903, and the largest is the 901 type, which is a high-speed replenishment ship ready for future carrier formation, with a full row of more than 40 thousand tons. If the exposure of the "nuclear power integrated support ship" as research project, that nuclear power development trend of the Chinese future aircraft carrier, ship security completely to the carrier and escort ships into the aircraft carrier formation in.

"nuclear power integrated support ship" model

, there is no such ship as nuclear power integrated support ship. It is China's first. In the future, the possibility of the potential supply ship nuclear power advantage: can accompany with the aircraft carrier formation high-speed maneuver. As everyone knows, the supply ship generally slower, but nuclear power after the speed will significantly improve the carrier can be with action, don't let the aircraft carrier deceleration for supplies; saving the fuel, supplies and aviation fuel loading more formation required, more for aircraft fuel for a week; the ship body can be designed more the loading of supplies, more can be unlimited area. The advantages are many, the opposition is also strong, and the cost performance is not high. The replenishment ship itself has the necessary fuel resources. It has strong self-supporting ability and no nuclear power. The nuclear power is to improve the self sustained ability of the ship, that is, to ensure long voyage. And the application of nuclear devices also need other auxiliary device, which leads to greatly increase the displacement of nuclear powered ships, so there are large volume display model of central unknown cabin, suspected nuclear power nuclear power plant auxiliary device; the price is expensive, and the supply ship is generally matched to the aircraft carrier battle group or amphibious assault ship, landing ship, the battle group's value including maintenance costs and so on, are not a small number. No matter how the development of

China Navy, saying "gateway leading horses did not move can't be avoided, believe in innovation and development of nuclear power in our future development, efficient, cost-effective outstanding, more compact, practical nuclear power plant equipped with comprehensive support ships and other large aircraft carrier ships.

display for the first time Chinese Navy sail training ship

waves ", the exhibition content is numerous, the other is remarkable on display for the first time the Chinese Navy sail training ship waves" and "Snow Dragon 2" expedition ship etc.. The exhibition attracted more than 2100 domestic and foreign enterprises to participate, including pavilions in 15 countries or regions, the total exhibition area of 90000 square meters, in the 4 days of exhibition, is expected to have more than 65000 professional visitors from 100 countries and regions to visit the exhibition scale refresh history record.