The national treasure level academician of the liberation army had gone away, and the "cipher" of Tsien Hsueshen had been unraveled

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The national treasure level academician of the liberation army had gone away, and the "cipher" of Tsien Hsueshen had been unraveled

2017-12-09 18:31:46 406 ℃

| guard Zhang Ning

according to the "Liberation Army daily official micro-blog news, National University of Defense Technology, photoelectric science and Engineering Professor, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering China Comrade Gao Bolong died of illness in December 6, 2017 at 12 noon, at the age of 89.

has long been concerned about the field of military buddies may know, academician Gao Bolong has long been engaged in development of laser gyro, a deep and systematic study on the basic theory of the first laser gyro and laser gyro, presided over the relevant principle prototype, developed a laboratory prototype. The first ring laser in our country was caused by his leadership. How important is the

laser gyroscope? In modern warfare, the autonomous navigation system with RLG as the core component can make the carriers such as aircraft, ships, rockets and missiles depend on the external navigation information without being restricted by all kinds of communication systems and precise guidance. This technology is at present only a few countries such as China and other countries in the world. And the success of this achievement is the National University of Defense Technology's laser gyro team, led by high baron.

, a highly sophisticated study, originated from two small pieces of paper left by famous scientist Tsien Hsueshen.

in the 60s of last century, shortly after the birth of the laser, the ring laser as the core of the new navigation equipment attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world, including our country. At that time, the United States developed the first laser gyroscope in the world, which led to a revolution in the field of world navigation.

Tsien Hsueshen, with his keen sense of new technology, suggested that National University of Defense Technology carry out laser gyro research and write the general principle of laser gyro on paper, and give it to a leader of a school. The school set up a task group of 13 people, such as Gao Bolong and Ding Venus, and began the development of the laser gyro. Gao Bolong's interest in

has always been in the field of theoretical physics, rather than applied physics. It is the most painful and difficult for Gao Bolong to give up the study of theory and physics, which is regarded as an academic life, and to transfer to applied physics. Nevertheless, he still resolutely into the study: "true patriotism should be the future and their national interests are closely combined with." The difficulty of

lies in front of them. It is obvious that the development of laser gyroscope not only integrates many high technologies such as optics, machine, electricity and computation, but also involves advanced technology such as ultra high precision polishing, extremely low loss coating, assembly assembly and so on. At that time, the domestic research conditions and the level of technology, this study simply prohibitively difficult.

at the beginning of the business, the team has nothing, "even the iron rack, spot welding machine, high voltage power supply of the most basic equipment are done by themselves." What's more, they don't even know what materials are used to make lasers. But they didn't give up. Without experimental sites, they turn the waste dining hall into a laboratory, and do their own programming without software. If they do not have enough funds, they will make use of waste materials to build their own equipment and platform.

finally, they succeeded. The first generation ring laser laboratory prototype, a prototype of a ring laser laboratory, one after another. The first prototype of the ring laser engineering in China was born in 1994. For the final prototype, Gao Bolong, nearly 60 years old, became a student and began to learn computer programming knowledge.

Gao Bolong is serious about scientific research and rigorous style of study, but also through his words and deeds, deeply influenced his disciples. It is an important criterion for Gao Bolong to measure the academic level of his PhD and master's students. Now, many of his disciples have become the new leading figures and key technical backbone in the research field of the laser gyro of National University of Defense Technology.

Gao Bolong once said: "some foreign countries, advanced, we want to follow, there will be in the future; but it is not to say that we are not allowed to have foreign." In his lifetime, he proved that by relying on the strength of Chinese scientists, independent research and advanced technology and advanced technology is the basic way for the development of science and technology in China.