When danger is the brother: the United States and Russia on why this country has sent China fantastic secret fighter

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When danger is the brother: the United States and Russia on why this country has sent China fantastic secret fighter

2016-07-21 00:55:56 405 ℃

Many people like to say China is lack of friends, in fact Chinese friends throughout the world, friends not spoken out, but in order to prove that the action, when China at-risk, many friends stepped in to help, such as: after the Wenchuan earthquake, bar iron to empty their own inventory, the goods sent to China, things may not too much, but enough to prove the friendship of bar iron, which is the brother. We are willing to help, far more than a bar of iron, enough to make a long list.

In the 1970s, the Chinese Air Force lack of all-weather interceptor, and developed the Q7 III, later renamed the Q7 C, now has basically withdrawn from active service. Although it is developed by reference MIG 21MF, its R & D process, and ultimately, friends help, which Romania very positive, going so far as to his MIG 21MF gave China, when after the disclosure of the past, whether in the United States and Russia are feeling incredible, who also won't think the country would thus help China.

Then Romania belongs to the Warsaw Pact bloc, it stands to reason that should be with China in opposition to state, but it and China maintained very friendly relations, China has to provide several detonation 5, and gunship design transfer, to return to China, Romania after that we want to understand the MIG 21MF. Without hesitation to we show the the just install the MIG 21MF, licensing visit mapping and provide some parts and then directly provide a frame machine. That's a huge risk. Because if the country of origin of the Soviet Union to know, it is likely to be retaliation, the consequences are very serious, so the behavior of Romania was really enough!

C Q7 prototypes for MIG 21MF, belonging to the depth of the MIG 21 improved, its performance is quite advanced, especially in avionics, 1969 before delivery, when only a handful of countries won the the machine, belonging to one of the classified types. Through to real material and is obtained by Romania and other countries studied. It is found that the MIG 21MF and our understanding of the MIG -21-F13 very large, almost is redesigned, and early MIG 21-F13 ratio, for more than 80% of the structure re design, including increasing the tank on the back of the machine, increasing inlet, inlet cone first, avionics, more new.

Q7 C R & D, it doesn't matter if the performance, actually it is only the production of 32, on improved models, only 50, accounting for only Q7 output 2400 aircraft of a small part. Really important is its development process, not according to kind of imitation, but with a new machine developed as a major training activities, into the flight design team in the J-10 project prior to the implementation of practical work, after its implementation, designers accumulation experience in the development of Bao Bao.

The progress of research and development is quite fast, 1979 March F - 7 type III determined to fly by the responsible and determine the April project, in December 1980 to complete the overall design, January 1982 to complete all the drawings. In January 11, 1984 the first prototype completed assembly, in April 26th, the first flight, to the end of the year to complete the design. This is not easy, we according to the drawings, before and after digestion of the MIG -21 early type spent 17 years. It can be found that after twenty years of development, China's aviation technology knowledge has been built to complete the!

The F-7 III subsequently renamed Q7 C, when it in 1988 delivered the first production type to the troops, design team has already begun on the J-10 is R & D experience, so it for the success of the J-10 is not.

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