What is the cause of the death and death of the PLA?

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What is the cause of the death and death of the PLA?

2017-12-20 18:29:01 356 ℃

of our army

1", lack of training. The impact of political movement, especially the cultural revolution, lingers at a low level and low level for a long time. In addition, a large number of teachers usually carry out the tasks of production, construction and construction, and the time of military training is very few. In the 128 division as an example, the division fought delivery task, two consecutive years of production, construction tasks, the 3 infantry regiment of the 8, only 383 even in training.

2, a large number of new components. The 29 army divisions, there are 21 kinds of Division B, the expansion, feeding the recruits, the formation of new units, many newly promoted cadres. In the 128 division as an example, the new veteran ratio of 1 to 1.5, and added to the basic level accounted for more than 50% new recruits; the promotion of cadres accounted for the total number of cadres 22.5%, 9 infantry battalion no one engaged in military tactical exercises, 27 infantry commander and only 3 had even offensive maneuvers.

3, lack of practical experience. Most of our army troops since the early 50s after they did not fight, Pacific time. In particular, there is no experience of no and more military operations.

above three points can be summed up in five words: the military quality is poor.

two is no ground combat troops in the Vietnam War North Mission, so the Vietnamese army combat situation lack of intuitive in-depth experience and understanding, the anti method and direct command of military operations is my advisor has been completely different. Moreover, the period of the war against the United States Army system, more weapons and tactics than before has undergone great changes, the natural features of war do not fully understand.

third. After the unification of South and North Vietnam, Hanoi made a great adjustment to the deployment of the northern forces in order to meet the needs of Pro Soviet Anti China and set up some infantry divisions. In the context of the deterioration of the relationship, it is obviously difficult for China to grasp these conditions.

in central at the beginning of the November decision of the Vietnam War, the enemy intelligence and Engineering Department has no ready-made data available, had to rush to get a temporary collection, Vietnam and more intelligence by filing, to carry out technical reconnaissance, returned overseas Chinese and border investigation, open observation, sneak into the trap etc.. Time is urgent, the work intensity is high and difficult. If the intelligence work is better, the cost of our army will be smaller and the result will be greater.

I located directly attack front has 6 divisions: 316A division at Ping Lu 345 division was located in orange sugar 3 division is located in Lang Son in Gaoping is located in the 346 division 338 division division is located in the first 325B Ting Li (war in the 327 division, 337 division, 197 regiment, 46 brigade duliying to Lang Son, 15 independent regiment reinforcements), more than 30 independent battalion, 54 police Tun, about one hundred thousand people (not including a huge number, but not statistical militia). By using the topographic features of mountain height, valley depth, forest density and cave, the construction works are constructed and grain ammunition is stored, and a complete defense system has been formed. More in the pre defense preparation, with a favorable terrain and fortifications, certainly at the beginning of the considerable loss to our troops.

terrain: more northern mountainous jungle terrain, the people's Liberation Army (especially Eastern troops) is a strange environment (see battle troop of our army had only 13 army and the 14 army participated in the 1961 Sino Burmese border minority the guard combat troops have demarcation in tropical mountain forest from actual combat experience. Some people say Vietnam forces should be familiar with the terrain, but the artillery, engineering, logistics and other forces, not 1979 war