What's the matter of the Chinese turbofan 15? The White House is very helpless and has been completely overtaken.

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What's the matter of the Chinese turbofan 15? The White House is very helpless and has been completely overtaken.

2017-12-23 00:36:46 621 ℃

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high performance military Hangfa development due to its long cycle, the difficulty is very high, the technical characteristics of reserve requirements is very high, is a symbol of national comprehensive strength of the industry. The technology is complex, over today's global technology developed countries with master Hangfa can count the fingers. Only Britain and France, the United States, the United States and Russia. Chinese just stepped into the threshold of high performance military aircraft.

Chart for fighter jets will assemble turbofan, "text-align:", "China" has been 60 years ago. In the past few decades, Chinese aviation industry has made considerable progress in the aerodynamic design of fighter gas, avionics, weapons systems have reached the world first-class level, but in the field of Hangfa, due to the blockade of long time in western countries, Russia restrict the transfer of technology and other reasons, the development speed of China Hangfa slow in nearly thirty large-scale centralized resources to overcome the problem.

in this thirty years, China Hangfa made tremendous progress, has developed a turbofan -10 and -15 two high performance turbofan aero engine performance today, turbofan -15 not only represents the highest level of China Hangfa, and even can be said to be the world's most advanced small ducted high thrust turbofan engine.

chart is turbofan engine, the engine is 20, and most of the technology comes from the Soviet Union's "t" engine. In the 1998 Asian financial crisis, China to Russia to buy the engine of the original project and supporting part design. The R-179 engine is an improved model of the large thrust engine developed by the Soviet Union for the Jacques -141 supersonic vertical take-off and landing fighter. After winning the design and technical data of the engine, 624 -2000 of the Yangtze River were developed, and the -2000 engine of the Yangtze River is now the -15 of turbofan. The thrust force of

turbofan -15 is between 16 tons and -18 tons, and the maximum military thrust (no additional force) reaches 10.5 tons. Both the biggest plus or the biggest push over the F-22 "Raptor" stealth fighter is used by the Pratt and whiten F-119 engine. After the equipment of the turbofan -15, the performance of the Chinese air force, the Navy's four generation aircraft and the five generation of the fighter -20 will make great progress.