30 meters outside the f -20 photo exposure: why Chinese fans applauded but not condemning

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30 meters outside the f -20 photo exposure: why Chinese fans applauded but not condemning

2017-12-23 18:32:06 476 ℃

recently, has posted a photo of the -20 in the field on the Internet Military Forum (above) . In the picture, at least 2 fighters and -20 are arranged in parallel. It is estimated to be taken at a station or training base. And it can be seen that this fighter -20 head has 2015 (or 2016) words, indicating that it is not a mass production fighter, but a prototype of -20. In addition, can see that the side bomb cabin and the main bomb cabin of the fighter -20 are open, and the distance is not more than 30 meters .

this photo perspective is very unique, upon exposure after causing users concern, because of the relatively long distance shooting in dynamic picture f -20, close shot can display more information, such as aircraft configuration design. but there are also a lot of netizens to the appearance of this photo, there are many questions, called the suspicion of leak, and even people say to catch the spy.

flying into the yard and climbing party is free from the policy of the edge

of course friends said some exaggeration, but it is necessary to point out that it annihilates -20 photos, and users in the Chengdu station was near the Zhuhai airshow and shoot annihilates -20 nature of the different. The shooting of military equipment in the station is in violation of the relevant secrecy regulations, especially the advanced domestic five generation fighters, such as the annihilating -20. Since f -20 after exposure, some netizens as a long-term "climbing party" in Chengdu station, which is on the edge of free policy. Because the actual -20 is not allowed to be photographed, but the emergence of digital cameras and super long focal lenses makes it possible to shoot outside the station, which brings great difficulty to law enforcement. So many photos of the -20 after the birth of the j are actually in the blurred zone of laws and regulations.

and in the Zhuhai airshow shooting annihilates -20 is perfectly legal (pictured) , because it means that the air force will have Chinese f -20 publicly displayed, if users have a fever level of photographic equipment, to take the -20 inside of the cockpit is also entirely possible, but this is the photographer's rights. On the other hand, it also shows the confidence and transparency of the Chinese air force.

, but the picture is not climbing party is not only the Zhuhai airshow, internal personnel or personnel can enter the entrance station shooting, nature has changed significantly, the equivalent of "break the law or even the law"". China's air force shows the annihilate -20 at the air show, which does not mean that the annihilate -20 will be able to shoot at will regardless of the demand for secrecy. , especially those who can get close to -20, do not see that netizens are losing their vigilance when they take photos of -20. Do not make a loss to the country, the army and the individual for a moment.