Why does Pakistan want to form a strategic alliance with China? Chinese to Pakistan iron fighter spree

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Why does Pakistan want to form a strategic alliance with China? Chinese to Pakistan iron fighter spree

2016-07-21 21:39:00 574 ℃

Turning to Pakistan, people often referred to as Pakistan iron, it is good to see the relationship between China and pakistan. Pakistan has been firmly standing on the side of China, to develop deep relations with China, has formed a strategic alliance, this point has no doubt. If we talk about the friendship between China and Pakistan history, we can trace back a long time, you can cite a lot of examples. In fact, in the final analysis, the reason is that we treat a friend's attitude, the real "sincere".China Pakistan joint the JF-17 aircraft project, the project itself meaning great, this is not a production license transfer, but technical cooperation, equivalent to China gave Pakistan Tieyi a fighter package. Isn't this the similar in India that although money, let others to complete the work, Ba iron but participate in the entire process, China's first to the Palestinian Authority opened a hall fighter design and development course, this is what other countries could not give the Palestinians. Pakistan iron in this before, there is no aircraft manufacturing, only with the ability to overhaul, and is still in China's help to get the. Things can not only participate in research and development, also received the opportunity for the JF-17 aircraft assembly, and an aircraft manufacturing course and other nations will not agree.

China is dedicated to help Pakistan develop the aviation industry, the effect is also very obvious, Pakistan has become a research and development and manufacturing capacity of aircraft, the level has exceeded India. India's aviation industry started than Pakistan to much earlier, in the 1950s started research and development work of the first generation fighter, at the beginning of the eighties of the last century, India is beginning development of LCA fighter, to than jf17 early for at least ten years. However, the Pakistan Air Force in March 2007 officially received the first JF-17 fighter. LCA officially handed over to the India air force this year, more than ten years later 'expansion. Now the Palestinian iron can self organize the JF-17 production work, has begun to set up the four JF-17 Fighter Squadron, also can to improve myself. China also continues to cooperation with Pakistan, upgrade.

The photo exposure showed a new frame Xiaolong suspected of using the Chinese ws-13 engine, its shape is different, probably for the first three batches of JF-17 thunder aircraft. Pakistan plans through the improvement of the JF-17, further accumulation of R & D capability, to consider the future of development to increase the size of the twin engine JF-17 aircraft, the JF-17 evolved into a medium fighter, more high power radar installation, have corresponding stealth performance, larger load bearing and farther voyage.India LCA in progress has been far behind the performance, there is no problem, the world's smallest and lightest third generation fighter is not a compliment, known as the criticism is more appropriate. In contrast, Xiaolong may not advanced, but at least not what defects. Pakistan Air Force has been very satisfied with its use so far, plans to equip at least 250. The export of impact is very big, have been identified exported to Myanmar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka is considering signed Azerbaijan and other countries are also considering, from the current point of view, the JF-17 confirmation will certainly break 300 aircraft, is expected to will reach more than 500 aircraft.
We truly want to help the Palestinian iron development, although not give Ba iron how much economic aid, but can give others to the things you can't, there are opportunities for development, this has been on the JF-17 project get reflected in the largest, Ba iron has deep experience to this, naturally willing to sincere to return.

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