These games make you more and more like the car world! Children's Day

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These games make you more and more like the car world! Children's Day

2017-12-25 18:36:31 282 ℃

ten years ago a dark and stormy night, about two or three in the morning, I secretly climbed out from the bed, slipped into that called "study". Because there is a sacred item there: a personal computer. Press the switch, listening to old computer hard disk must click click Startup sound, must look at CRT display screen flickering pictures, I lost heart excited to open up a hidden folder in the "***.exe" icon, then I opened the romantic dream car brigade - with a variety of luxury sports car speeding switch in the beautiful the garden road or mountain road, until the parents discovered fat beat locked the door so far.

, I believe that there must be countless fans in the world like me. In that era, the entry-level private cars are still rare luxury goods, but now we find the passion for automobile culture from the rough polygonal world. Today is Children's Day, the author of this article, back in those years we fell in love with the car first game.

The Need for Speed!

has a single game host, old game player could not have heard of EA, heard the EA game player could not hate the home all the money together, the destruction of countless classic cancer enterprises (but this is not a game site, a fear of being water spray). Electronic Arts, the Chinese translation of the Electr Arts Inc, is the world's largest third party original PC, host platform game production company. The so-called fall, currently operates numerous game brands, will be pushed to the extreme commercial practices will certainly attract many game player dissatisfaction. But in the old age, EA is an excellent product, which includes the "extreme car" series that lets countless gamers fall in love with auto culture.

EA Slogan "is the printing of legend EA games, f**king everything!", which shows to the game player krypton gold, deep resentment. EA has also had a good conscience, the early "extreme flying car" series, but each can be able to get the 3A level IP.

, as early as 1994, the computer had to be in the DOS era of instruction. EA launched an important work that can be said to have changed the automotive gaming world after that: The Need for Speed, and the domestic translation of "the best speed car". But in the beginning, "1" did not launch the PC version, but the launch of the 3DO host version. Many people haven't heard of 3DO. It's a video game host. It's similar to today's PS4 and XBOX One. EA can be said to be one of the architects of this host, so it's reasonable to launch games on it. It wasn't long before 3DO was done, and it was so complete that we didn't know the old world had such a thing.

this is the legendary 3DO host. Isn't you I did it with very limited knowledge and scanty information, see. Because the primary school when it passed away and didn't graduate.

also thanks to 3DO early death, all the money together to have to think of a way to promote natural EA nrburgring. So in 1995, the "1" successfully landed on the PC platform, and finally let a lot of PC players to play this racing game. However, at the time when the price of a personal computer is worth one year's income from my parents, at least few players in China should be able to get in touch with PC games. Although it also landed on PS1 and Saturn game console platform, there should be few enlightened parents who would pay high prices to buy computers and games at that time, not only to be open-minded but also to be local tyrants.

, so most of the domestic top flying car players, including me, have not been exposed to this first step, at least not in the same year. What can be found on the Internet is a simple castration version, with only one track, a dodge Viper, and no sound. The author downloaded to experience it. I must say, now we have a simple look, but the cabin view and special physical effects are really worth commending for the works over 20 years ago.

online can only download a castrated version of the ultimate flying car 1, to run under the virtual DOS. There is only one dodge Viper and a track. But in the past, the vehicle physical properties is not crude, simulated car perspective and shifting action, which in the 3D is still a rarity in the picture is produced by conscience. In order to run the full version of

, I have to use the system below WIN98, and I can't afford it. All kinds of videos of cattle are found on the Internet. We can see that "the best racing car 1" is quite detailed for vehicle details. The data and voice of racing cars originate from real vehicles, and the production of racetracks is also very attentive. It is hard to imagine that most of the works are made in the course of the mountain, which is well known for the wonderful flying cars. At the time, EA was still working with the old American auto magazine Road & Track, so the data were really good.

from a network video game named Ao red, I find many of the original NFS more truth. The game was officially introduced into China. The performance of the game vehicle is based on real data, and it also provides professional data interpretation and real video. It is like a driving simulator.