Why do Chinese people have a more advanced vector engine than the American -10C?

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Why do Chinese people have a more advanced vector engine than the American -10C?

2017-12-27 18:44:16 1009 ℃

aero engine. With the successful test of the sixth generation of the core engine of the US, the United States has the leading position in the world of aero engines, and no one can shake it. Thanks to the power of the engine, Americans choose the two vector vents with low technological content on the choice of vector engines, but for the more advanced axisymmetric vectoring nozzles, they haven't started yet.

look at the two vectored engines in today's world. Two element vector nozzle is the most important technical features: stealth effect is good, the emphasis on stealth performance of the F-22, it is a good choice for stealth performance into full play, F-22 will be hidden in the horizontal tail nozzle, which determines the F-22 can only use two element vector nozzle.


vector engine with strong ability of

and selection of axisymmetric Russians vector engine nozzle due to rotation range, theoretical efficiency will be higher, but the vector engine requires advanced flight control system with good performance, otherwise it will be very bad. This is very obvious on the Su -30MKI of the axisymmetric vector engine driven by the India pilot. Allegedly, in India and the United States Air Force, Indian Americans Su -30MKI a "beat", the problem lies in the flight control system on the one hand, India pilot training and the use of vector engine is not very good; on the other hand also shows that Su -30MKI in flight control system is still very backward in particular, adjust the effect of interventional vector is very bad.

recently, a blurred picture has been circulated on the Internet. It shows that the fighter -10 thrust vector verification machine may have been successful in the first flight, which indicates that China has made a historic breakthrough in thrust vector and aero engine field. But why are so advanced engines not equipped on advanced -20, -16, or -11 with higher survivability, but equipped on the JW -10 fighters in China?

from the vertical tail style should be f -10C fighter

vector engine schematic diagram of

from the figure, the vector engine annihilates -10 equipment should be a kind of axisymmetric vectoring engine, this engine with a canard, will make the f -10 in combat is more flexible, because itself is a single fighter, so the difficulty of reform annihilates -10 is small, and the cost is low.

from the flight control system, f -20, f -16, -10C uses the most advanced China "flying fire push" integrated flight control system, the theory is that the best performance can display the vector of the engine, but f -16 and -20 is relatively expensive, and the number of equipment is very limited, from the cost-effectiveness of speaking, in these two kinds of aircraft engine and test vector is the best choice. Compared to

F -10C

, f -11 flight control system is relatively backward, can play a very good performance of the vector of the engine, and the -11 is a twin engined fighter, only unilateral transformation engine, engine test vector the effect is not good, then the test responsibility can only fall on the f -10 fighter body.

note that the vector engine brings in direction, turning the gain at the same time, will reduce the engine thrust, China relative to the United States and Russia Taihang engine thrust engine is still relatively small, the United States F-22 equipment F-119 engine thrust can reach 17 tons, Su -37 equipped 117S engine the thrust can reach 15 tons, while the estimated Taihang 12-14 tons, we can see that there is not a small gap, can be expected with the third generation China Hangfa service gradually, f -20 and -16 advanced warfare such bucket machine will equip vector engine, this is only a matter of time.