Review of the most popular equipment of our army this year: "national Rong one" laser gun and 001A aircraft carrier

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Review of the most popular equipment of our army this year: "national Rong one" laser gun and 001A aircraft carrier

2017-12-28 18:25:16 1153 ℃

year end inventory comic book

occupied 2017 hot search list of our army star equipment, collective shock!

- Zhang Shuo planning / cartoon / finishing / strong characteristic of Mao Tian Lin

2017, is out of the ordinary year. Look back on this year, there is concern the "big day", a much anticipated "big", more won the world first-class "action". In

2017, it was also a brilliant year for the construction of military equipment in the Chinese army. Domestic weapons are publicly unveiled, a large number of new equipment are exposed, and many more weapons and equipment are served...

today, China's military network has made an inventory of our army's star weapon equipment on the 2017 hot search list. Ahead of high energy, "star equipment" will be a collective shock!

domestic 001A carrier

2017 in April 26th, China's first domestic aircraft carrier launch in the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp of Dalian shipyard.

the carrier was developed by our country, started in November 2013, and built in the dock in March 2015. This is our second Navy aircraft carrier, to speed up the completion of coastal defense, sea guard has an important role in promoting the navy. Domestic

type 055 missile destroyer launched

055 missile destroyer is China's self-developed new ton destroyers, the navy is to achieve strategic transformation of the development of landmark warships. In June 28th

2017, the type 055 missile destroyer was launched at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai. The

055 missile destroyer is equipped with advanced domestic weapons, and has strong information perception, air defense, antimissile and sea strike capability. The launching of the ship marks a new step for the development of destroyers in China.

aircraft carrier "partner" Hulun Lake ship service "/1ydzximg/0I0EOmc7Lm"

for the Navy new comprehensive supply ship ship ship hulunhu into formal service marks in the ocean I guarantee leapt to a new level, complete the Chinese aircraft carrier "short board".

2017 in September 1st, the new navy supply ship ship ship hulunhu handed out, hull number 965.

as China's independent development of a new type of comprehensive supply ship with the world's advanced level, a new breakthrough in the Hulun Lake ship replenishment device, the overall design of the construction of a series of key technologies, supply modes and supply ability, with strong seaworthiness, greater endurance and endurance, is important the power supply Chinese carrier battle group, can provide supplies for the sea with my navy aircraft carrier fleet, sea tactical formation. The reason why the

-20 fighter is officially served in the

is on the list. The reason is: the official service of the -20 fighter is marked as the second country to independently develop and equip fifth generation fighters.

2017 in March 9th, CCTV broke a program f -20 has served the news; July 30th, 3 F -20 fighter aircraft unveiled Zhu and parade; in September 28th, the Defense Department spokesman Colonel Wu Qian at a regular press conference on the f -20 aircraft already fielded forces.

-20 is the first and the fifth generation double heavy stealth fighter of our country's air force, equipped with the most advanced new missiles in China. It's a representative of China's modern aviation industry and a symbol of the rapid development of our national defense capability. The

-16 fighter launched the first appearance of

. The reason is: -16 fighter plane has made up for the shortage of the four generation half heavy fighter of our air force. In July 30th

2017, during the celebration of the 90th anniversary military parade of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the fighters of the annihilation -16 appeared for the first time in the parade. The

annihilate -16 is a new type of multipurpose fighter developed by our country to meet the needs of the strategic transformation of the air force. The biggest feature of the fighter 16 is the ability to attack distant over the horizon and the ability to strike the ground and strike the sea. 7 compared with the 16 fighter, fighter airframe, maximum payload of 12 tons, can launch 62 and 83 Eagle Eagle air to ship missile.

-20 strategic transport to mass production of

for strategic transport air force of China's first self-developed -20 mass production, is the key to the strategic air force China process step. In November 1st

2017, the latest 1 transport -20 transport aircraft formally downline, marking the transport of -20 into the large-scale production stage. As a large multi-purpose transport vehicle,

-20 has excellent carrying capacity. It can carry out long distance air transportation tasks for various materials and personnel under complex weather conditions, providing important support for long-distance strategic delivery of personnel and equipment.

"falcon Eagle" unveiled at the Paris air show

"list of reasons: the Falcon Eagle" as a country with completely independent intellectual property rights of the fifth generation fighter, is a new multi use stealth fighter leading the future battlefield. In from June 19th to 25th,

2017, in the fifty-second Paris air show, China's new type