North Korea's heavy statement has just been exposed: nuclear bombs do not hit these 4 places! South Korea which was completely ignorant

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North Korea's heavy statement has just been exposed: nuclear bombs do not hit these 4 places! South Korea which was completely ignorant

2017-12-28 18:25:26 782 ℃

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since the Korean nuclear crisis, North Korea to the United States your anger is not uncommon, but the Russia Europe clearly designated in the nuclear attack outside the red line position is still the first time, is indeed very rare. This also explains to a great extent that North Korea has greatly affirmed the efforts made by the DPRK for the peaceful settlement of the peninsula crisis between China and Russia.

China has the most efforts to achieve peace on the peninsula. In March 8th this year, China gave an important speech, said North Korea and South Korea "as two speeding train, to each other, are both ready for a head-on collision? The top priority is to turn on the red light and the brakes. At that time, the situation on the peninsula was in a state of white heat. North Korea has launched many rounds of missile tests, and the United States and South Korea are also threatening to respond with joint military exercises. As a result, a more detailed and effective initiative was proposed, namely, the DPRK's moratorium on nuclear conduction, while the United States and South Korea also suspended large-scale military exercises, and the two sides came back to the negotiating table. This is the "double pause" initiative commended by the world. This is also the only feasible way to solve the peninsula crisis and the fundamental strategy for achieving long-term stability in the peninsula.

China made a variety of good offices to solve the peninsula crisis in late December 9th, beyond count, also in North Korea and the United States for mutual dislike, the nuclear crisis rising, China once again urged the two sides should seriously consider a "double suspension" initiative, to get out of the situation on the peninsula against the black hole ". It is necessary to adhere to the political solution and oppose the use of force as a result of the crisis of the peninsula.

of course, Russia has also made numerous statements for the peaceful resolution of the Peninsula nuclear crisis for many times, and warned the US and South Korea to use North Korea's weapons. In November 30th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said, "the latest move in the United States seems to be intending to stir up fierce action in Pyongyang". Naturally, one of the proponents of Russia is "double suspended". These are also seen in the eyes of the DPRK.

and the United States are obviously different, has been with the intention not to be divulged, incited. Trump in September 23rd in his UN debut speech on North Korea shouted, North Korea called the "rogue government" and "living plague", and claims to strengthen sanctions on its. Later, during the early November visit to South Korea, not only once again to the North Korean propaganda provocation, and will stay in a 3 aircraft carrier near the peninsula, with exercise of its deterrent force and Japan Self Defense Force fleet intention obviously. Trump of North Korea's provocation can be said to be endless, even in November 20th to North Korea with "terrorism" label, which is undoubtedly an imaginary. After years of economic sanctions against North Korea, the economic situation is not optimistic, there is no spare capacity to support to other countries or organizations; and from the regional aspect, and terrorism in the Middle East one hundred and eight thousand miles, with North Korea's existing capacity cannot support for.

and recently, the United States has picked up one of the most serious military deterrence, pushing the peninsula to the edge of the war. At the beginning of December, the two countries held in the history of the largest maritime joint military drill, dispatched more than 230 warships, 12 thousand troops. The tension was stretched to the limit of the edge of the war.

a friend has a good wine, and the enemy comes with a shotgun! North Korea has just released the day before the announcement, in the division between friends made a very clear statement.