Russia stopped the doomsday train, American pinon did not expect to be hit by China at ten thousand

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Russia stopped the doomsday train, American pinon did not expect to be hit by China at ten thousand

2017-12-28 18:25:30 867 ℃

12 4, "Russian newspaper" quoted the Russian military and industrial enterprises sources, said: the new generation of railway operation system research and development work will be stopped.

the so-called railway operational system is a familiar missile train, also called the doomsday train. As early as 2009, Russian strategic rocket soldiers announced the development of the new generation of missile trains. Then, in 2011, 2013 and 2016, the latest trend of this equipment was continuously exposed.

now, Russia itself says, "well, this thing is going to cool. As for the reason. It's PPT in place, but there's no money to make it. In this regard, we can only understand that poverty is not only limiting imagination, but also suppressing execution.

in fact, the missile train is not a new concept. When the Soviet Union reached the peak of the cold war in the last century, the Soviet Union designed the intercontinental ballistic missile train to shoulder the duty of combat readiness for the effective preservation of nuclear strike force. The missile train has almost no difference in appearance from that of the Soviet railway system, with three locomotives pulling 6 to 7 carriages.

, and in these carriages, there is a so-called intercontinental ballistic missile called "scalpel". Can carry 8 to 10 pieces of 100 thousand tons of reentry warheads. The missile is placed in the train, which is a tricky thing for the United States.

first, Russia has vast territory and busy railway transportation, so that the missile train can run 120 thousand kilometers, which is probably the launching site.

next is the solid fuel missile, no fuel injection. The launch time is quite short. In addition, the cold launch mode of the projectile after the projectile is pushed out is adopted, and the launching characteristics of the missile are very small.

according to us American estimates, it may need to use more than 300 satellites at the same time. Dear, do you see the dollar in the night sky?

, and since 1987, the Soviet Union has deployed three railway missile divisions and 12 missile trains. And 36 RT23 intercontinental missiles and 360 nuclear warheads. If you need to make a nuclear strike mission, the guy pulled us how much you're reconnaissance force.

so, after the end of the cold war. The United States is a must put this stuff out of the completely insane. Therefore, in the 1993 US Russian Treaty on the reduction of strategic weapons, the Russian side destroyed all missile trains. By 2005, Russia was proud to say that all RT23 missile trains had been permanently destroyed.

and on the train to carry RS28 "Satan 2". Can carry 10 missiles, 20 million ton warhead or a nuclear warhead, a damage area is equivalent to the British Mishima.

but there is a problem with such a good thing. That is when the missile train was designed by Ukraine Southern Design Bureau. After the cold war, Ukraine has announced the abandonment of nuclear power. Even if figure 160 was removed, the missile train would not be cheaper than Russia.

so the Russian reboot program is equivalent to starting from zero to this year. I really can't pull down the bear's face and finally admit it: no money, can't play, say goodbye!

Hugo actually think, this can really talk about us and russia. Q: is there only a woolen bear with a missile train in the world? Answer: This is the same in China. Yes, I do. Think of it, our 9 million 600 thousand square kilometer yard, more than 120 thousand kilometers of railway head, and 6 speed. It's really boring to make the United States play without the whole missile train.

and in 2015, the US intelligence agency pointed out that China has carried out the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental missile launch test. In response to this, the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of national defense responded to the press conference: the research experiment we carried out in China was arranged according to the plan. The meaning is: the small sample, see the two eyes. Our own put firecrackers you fuss what.

say the US Army is very excited. Yes, it was really exciting, because the US Army was in the cold war.