Is the red line in Japan open "ruthless"? The Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has made a sound!

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Is the red line in Japan open "ruthless"? The Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has made a sound!

2017-12-28 18:25:34 706 ℃

Japan's defense province is formally considering the import of F-35B stealth shipboard fighters.

has two ideas about the introduction of F-35B. One is to change the part of the 42 land-based F-35A that has been imported to F-35B, and the other is to register for purchase. It is expected that the introduction of F-35B will be included in the "outline of the defense plan" that will be revised in the second half of next year.

US Marine Corps F35B aircraft

Japanese "mobile fleet" resurrection?

F-35B, a fighter what position?

F-35B belongs to the F-35 family in the "marine model", a short distance off, and vertical lift like Osprey helicopter, not only convenient for the landing operations with the amphibious assault ship, and is not easy to be advanced stealth radar can work.

has been seen by some countries with small and medium sized aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. The British aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth, who was officially in service soon, was planning to equip F-35B.

two, Japan's planned transformation helicopter carrier

for Japan, "mobile fleet" has a special meaning. In World War II, Japan used the most powerful aircraft carrier in the world to cross the two oceans, and staged a typical example of the history of aircraft carrier operation. attacked Pearl Harbor . But in the end because does not match the strength and ambition, after the failure in Midway Islands was unable to get up after a fall once brilliant carrier group, is also a boat to rival submarine.

today, the United States has relaxed its restrictions on the possession of offensive weapons in Japan, and the restrictions on the absence of a carrier after the war are Japan's rules of self restraint. Therefore, Japan can easily violate the past commitments, touch the bottom line, and develop the de facto carrier.

is equipped with F-35B aircraft, Japan's defense ministry publicly "ruthless struggle" said, future plans will be the helicopter carrier Izumo, Kaga, etc. easy to sortie into a ski jump deck, and coated with heat-resistant paint. By adding or improving aviation fuel storage tanks and ammunition depots, and improving regulatory functions, has built it into a real aircraft carrier capable of carrying F-35B fighters.

dig yourself out!

1. Change F-35A to F-35B? Dig one's own grave!

is what is called "a radish and a pit". The introduction of F-35A requires to replace the old Japanese aerial self defense force 's old F-4EJ modified fighter, and the 42 one is just right. But if F-35A is changed to F-35B, the problem will come. Does the F-35B after

return to the Japanese air defense team or to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense team? If

is empty, it can be replaced, but the "helicopter escort" of the sea should be carried out of the air.

if the sea, can be built "mobile fleet", but since the establishment appeared in the absence of air. The

to buy? It is equal to the high cost. To know that Japan's self - assembled F35A has a single price of $500 million, and F35B is much more complicated than F35A. How much money can Japan be able to get? Besides, today's people's Liberation Army is not the same! The Japanese hand, but can not have a huge threat to us from the military, but to dig a pit for ourselves!

two, surrounding countries "covetous"!

has been spreading the "Japanese aircraft carrier resurrection" from the Japanese helicopter destroyers. Look at once to the Asian people brought grave disaster "empty mother mobile fleet" to him. Can the surrounding countries be able to "sit down"? It doesn't exist! The most direct consequence of

is that the surrounding countries will greatly accelerate the construction of naval armaments for Japan. at that time, Japan not only had to add a large sum of money to maintain the balance of military power with its neighboring countries, but also would exacerbate the conflict between Japan and South Korea, and plunge itself into a "dilemma" because of the transformation of military strength.

, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying, 26, said there were reports that the action taken by may be contrary to the ninth constitution of the country. we urge the Japanese side to adhere to defensive defense, adhere to the path of peaceful development, and act cautiously in the field of military security. We should do more to promote mutual trust and regional peace and stability in the region, rather than the opposite.

, but on the other hand, although Japan does not necessarily want to come true, but we should also be vigilant to their "strangled in the cradle" a wolf with a savage heart ""!

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