The Syrian army was shot down and the pilot was killed by the slaughter of the Russian army to kill the HTS mole

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The Syrian army was shot down and the pilot was killed by the slaughter of the Russian army to kill the HTS mole

2017-12-28 18:25:42 832 ℃

's chief of staff Valeri. Glashimov will accept the Russian media "Komsomolskaya Pravda" said in an interview, in September 2015 27, Russia joined the Syria counter-terrorism operations at the beginning of the country IS militants about 60000 people, including ten thousand people later recruited nearly three thousand Russian fighters. But after two years of much military strikes, IS forces in Syria were destroyed (more than 60000). Gerasimov also said that the defeat of the HTS terrorist armed forces was the battle of the Russian Syrian army in 2018.

Syria air force L-39 trainer and sacrifice pilot

analysis pointed out that from the Russian military top position, Syria's war on terror is not affected by Russia's withdrawal from some forces. If there is a need for a further expansion of the terrorist armed forces, Russia will not hesitate to increase its attack. At present, in the northwest of Syria province and the northeast of HAMA Idlib province battle, the army of all main forces and allies will take steady policy not to rash, not the pursuit of victory in a short period of 2-3 months.

began in September 2015. The ground forces in Syria were mainly composed of Syrian army and many militias, and the Russian air force was responsible for providing air support. But the reasons for the historic turning point of the ground battlefield situation have now been unveiled. The Russian armed forces chief of staff Valeri said on the 27 glashimov. "We carefully trained army, our consultants are almost all of the troops stationed in. "This is the real reason why the Russian senior generals have been killed in the attack.

, Russian fighter bomber

, but military experts said that the war habits of the Syrian army were first air attack and heavy artillery fire coverage, then occupied the commanding heights of the war zone and began to charge. The means are relatively simple. In the current and the next year's north-west front, the guerrilla warfare method of terrorist armed forces needs to be studied in depth. Otherwise, not only wasted effort and may suffer a great deal. The Russian side confirmed that the terrorist armed forces in Syria were led by commanders in the Middle East and Western countries. The implication is not the slightest emotion lightly.

the main army and allies in 21 days on the southeast area of Aleppo province HTS stronghold rummler town raid, ate tactical aging and underestimate the enemy's loss, an assault team HTS to be made dumplings. On the afternoon of 26 afternoon, a fighter of the Syria air force (L-39 trainer) was shot down by the shoulder mounted air defense missile that HTS used to carry out the ground attack task in HAMA province. Video from the HTS armed forces showed that the successful Syrian pilot of the parachute was killed after being captured. The Russian launch bunker destroyer

HTS video in the drill ground bomb

uses a lot of L-39 trainer to carry out dangerous ground attack missions, showing Syrian air force equipment power distress situation. The tactics of the HTS were that the Syrian army hid in the underground tunnel during the air raid, and then jumped out to attack the ground and the air. After that, the Russian fighter bomber launched the revenge attack of the killing bomb, the heavily buried bomb, and buried the HTS armed mole buried in the underground tunnel. In addition, the 27 days of the Russian army also stressed the importance of the study of the enemy's tactical change.