India was playing for Pakistan against attack and the latest China cannon let India appalled

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India was playing for Pakistan against attack and the latest China cannon let India appalled

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12 25 Pakistan second major domestic English daily "Dawn said dawn" in northern India near the border of the Poonch District artillery at night by night suddenly to Pakistan bombardment, army 3 casualties! After the Pakistani army attacked the enemy, it was said that 3 people were killed and 1 were injured in the Indian army. Pakistan accused the Indian army of not following the cease-fire agreement between the two sides and opened fire to Pakistan. Then India New Delhi TV and a newspaper reported the Indian army's action through the control line to set up a simple bomb in Pakistan. Continuous artillery played India is strong enough, began to seek peace talks.

(the funeral of India Srinagar 35 kilometers north of the Darboux soldiers killed in

India) domestic media said the Indian army and the Pakistani army shooting each other at the beginning of this month 23, the Indian army in the day there were 1 officers and 3 soldiers were killed! In the second round of fire between India and Pakistan in December 24th, the Indian army killed a Pakistani sniper in the process of fire, and the Indian army accused the Pakistani army of failing to comply with the ceasefire terms. India's domestic media reported the focus of an Indian Army crossed the boundaries of both "death squads" with less than 50 minutes in the Pakistani territory placed bombs, India high-profile strike team it is safe to complete the task!

(Indian Army soldiers killed in the funeral of Shabir Ahmed Malik

) and the Indian army army since the three large scale war mainly around the mill mountain area Kersh launched a battle, one important reason is that both sides are to seize the commanding point and mountain reservoir resources. In 1984, the Indian army and the Pakistani army armed conflict broke out in high intensity in the Siachen glacier, the 6000-6749 m above sea level in the alpine environment of war is now known as the highest record of war! As explosive weapons are likely to induce avalanches, both sides are more cautious in the early days of the war. In June, the Indian army at the time of the execution of the code named "meghdoot" assault task, they successfully captured the Siachen glacier in the highlands. The Indian army deployed Swedish made Bofors howitzer, suppressed the defenders of the mountain road reinforcements Pakistan car group, the army can only swallow mouth foul smells.

(experience in Mountain Warfare in India are rich, but the state-owned enterprises OFB manufacturing M777 shells exploding, India military low treatment also caused the kidnapping of protest. In December 16th India in Kashmir Kupwara manslaughter of a taxi driver caused great controversy!)

1999 heavy snow before the Pakistani army elite "northern light infantry forces one thousand people sent 4 battalions of the Indian army special forces and take advantage of giving up front about 10 km post control of more than 130 square kilometers of the area, then the Indian army patrol area is safe Lectra serious army commando attack consciousness to the problems in patagonia. The Indian Army artillery regiment eighteenth, M46 and MK.2 immediately mobilized three Swedish gun howitzer was the army shot a deputy head and a company commander, then India army kukuxiangqiu until finally the Indian Air Force assembled 150 MiG - 21, - 23, - 29, and Jaguar attack aircraft fire fighter support! The Indian MIG 21/27 fighter and a rice 17 helicopter were shot down by the Pakistani army, which killed 5 people and captured a pilot. He put his hopes on the phantom 2000H. The guided bomb finally completed the precise bombing to stop the Pakistan Army's offensive. The two - and - half - month battle of the two armies lost about one thousand people, and the Indian army was more than 250 thousand rounds of ammunition at one breath. The performance of domestic weapons did not pass, India was hurried and hurriedly bought the Israeli artillery shells only after a complete relief.

(the army had used 122/130 mm towed howitzer is more, the weight is only 3.5-3.5 tons of titanium alloy AH4 type 39 caliber howitzer equipped Pakistan will greatly enhance its ability of mountain fire support!) After the fierce conflict between the two armies in recent years, the situation in India is generally relatively stable. In recent years, the introduction of the United States and British made M777 super light howitzer in the United States of America is also expected to enhance its

2003 capabilities. It is reported that more than 3 tons of AH-4 155 mm howitzer developed by China Ordnance Industry Group has successfully exported to Pakistan, which is a sign that China is free from the influence of Russian 122/130 mm artillery. The design of titanium alloy is less than 0.4 tons less than 4.2 tons of M777 gun in Britain and America, which has a great advantage in the mountain battle! The artillery of India great deterrent, continue to go India artillery, cannon whether making the nations serious problems will still power supply. No. 24 India media said the two armies had killed 300 people including 40 people this year, and the Indian army was interested in peace talks. The India is also actively seeking and epoch-making, not without reason behind Chinese deterrent cannon. Please support the evaluation team Yi original articles and books of various entities, independent professional have a material!