Domestic engine vectorial thrust nozzle for the first time! The fighter -20 will become the strongest five generation machine!

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Domestic engine vectorial thrust nozzle for the first time! The fighter -20 will become the strongest five generation machine!

2017-12-28 18:27:27 995 ℃

(source: Ordnance Technology)

note: CCTV exposure style= text-align: center f -10 vector thrust nozzle photo

f -20 small batch of armed forces, we are concerned about the domestic engine. Development situation. Today, CCTV international channel's today's attention shows an exciting news: in December 25, 2017, a domestic JW -10 fighter launched its first test flight with a homemade vectoring nozzle. This is the first public appearance of China's domestic engine vector nozzle technology. It shows that China has mastered the core technologies of the 15 generation of engine. The last short board of -20 will be filled. The foreign media commentaries think that this will make the -20 become the strongest five generation machine.

analysis of domestic engine nozzle according to "today's focus" column reports, network media exposure of the f -10 fighter equipped with the installation of the vectoring nozzle is -10 turbofan engine, "Taihang" a type of improved engine, the installation of the vector nozzle is the first test vector nozzle.

in shape, vector nozzle exposure, the scale shape design, and the Russian three vector nozzle technology are similar in principle, but the whole vector nozzle nozzle was not heavy, there are a number of regulatory mechanism of uniform distribution of its outer layer, by adjusting the proglottis multi DOF mechanisms common to actuate. The purpose to control the nozzle deflection. From a technical point of view, the adjusting plate has the advantages of light weight, high regulation efficiency, fast speed of actuating reaction, and a little more complicated structure. However, the structure of multi degree of freedom is superior to the control of precision, accuracy and sensitivity, and the three yuan vector nozzle of Russian system is comparable. According to public reports, vector nozzle in China after 200 hours test, only slightly worn, the service life and reliability than AL-31FP vector nozzle vectoring engine was just in India Su -30MKI fighter service is much higher (early life is only 50 hours).

can be converted to annihilate -16 and J -10

from a technical point of view. In order to install a vectorial nozzle, there are two conditions that must be available. The first is the assembly of nozzle engine must use FADEC digital full access control system, otherwise unable to fly one to control, thrust vectoring engine and aircraft flight control system together, realize the integration of control, thus adding f -10 vector nozzle God, shows that the homemade turbofan engine FADEC and -10 modified fly one control technology has been quite mature and reliable. Second, whether the two yuan or three yuan of vector nozzle vectoring nozzle (axisymmetric nozzle), with some loss will cause the engine thrust vectoring nozzle, therefore to active engine with thrust vector nozzle, mean descent engine thrust vector nozzle must be installed so the engine thrust augmentation performance conditions, can to increase the super maneuverability, and does not reduce the overall propulsion efficiency, this shows that the improved model -10 turbofan thrust augmentation, is likely to have been successful, and on the basis of modification of thrust vectoring nozzle, really can play the best of both worlds. When the

vector nozzle in the f -10 test aircraft was successfully tested, can be installed in the logical including f -10, -16, I in the fourth and four generation fighter in the change, and other types of foreign four generation machine operations, obtained obvious advantages of super maneuverability!

will be ported to -15 and f -20

turbofan engine while the vectoring nozzle is try to install and test improvements in fighter -10 and -10 turbofan, but axisymmetricvectoring nozzle technology once mature, not only benefit the -10 turbofan engine and f -10, -11 series fighter. The successful test of the relatively mature -10 turbofan engine, turbofan -15 developed in parallel at the same time, complete the development of nozzle and stereotypes, after turbofan -15 matures, vector nozzle immediately can be installed in the -15 turbofan, assembled in the f -20, the integration of linkage and integrated flight control system of the -20 the flight.

f -20 get new Aven, in view of the vector nozzle can realize omnidirectional deflection in two yuan, far better than the F-22 effect of vector nozzle on the side not in mobility, and three yuan in the loss of thrust vectoring nozzle vectoring nozzle also has two yuan compared advantages, this means that f -20 may gain an F-22 in the super maneuverability performance advantage. As a result, the -20 could become the strongest five generation machine in the future.

-15 with the development of the turbofan engine smoothly, and -10 and -15 turbofan turbofan engine supporting axisymmetricvectoring nozzle test and the early development of mature, f -20 fighter target power system has light, is expected to last a padded short board, the strongest fighters second stages of complete -20 may be before 2025 mature.

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