Hong Kong media: China's second carriers may be the first sea trial in April 23rd

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Hong Kong media: China's second carriers may be the first sea trial in April 23rd

2018-04-10 11:39:18 244 ℃

, the word "aircraft carrier" has become the most popular military hot word in the world. The first aircraft carrier Liaoning with super fleet appeared South China Sea exercises, and spread out of China's second aircraft carriers (China's first domestic aircraft carrier to sea trial news).

science and Technology Daily reporter has learned that since the end of 2017, the news that our second aircraft carrier will soon be tested at sea will continue to appear in newspapers. Recently, new progress has been made in the news of the sea test. The latest photos on the network show that the scaffolding on the carrier has been dismantled and the phased array radar has been installed. Some sources told the Hongkong media that the first sea trial was likely to be set in April 23rd, before the Chinese Navy's army day.

, then, how should the ordinary people know the second aircraft carriers in our country? Held in April 8th published by the Chinese science and Technology Press science book "aircraft carrier of the projectile on the famous marine overlord" premiere, the book editor, researcher at the Institute of naval military academic well-known military expert Li Jie introduced.

Li Jie told reporters, "the construction of our second aircraft carriers has been a wide range of attention. To be sure, in the renovation, Liaoning ship outfitting, trial and use on the basis of our second aircraft carrier has been improved a lot, which indicates that we have mastered the design and construction of aircraft carrier. It is certain that it is no longer a research training ship, but the first "combat type" aircraft carrier in our country. Its design and construction laid an important foundation for the next homemade aircraft carrier and provided a lot of experience for the future projectile and nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

Li Jie pointed out that the aircraft carrier is not only a multi-faceted, well equipped and widely used technology, but also integrated with the design and construction technology of many military industries such as ships, aviation, aerospace, ordnance, electronics, nuclear power and many other military industries. On the whole, from the outside in, with several large systems, dozens of Chinese system, hundreds of small systems, up to hundreds of millions of parts of precision and perfect equipment sets, together to form a "There is nothing comparable to this giant system".

"at present, we have achieved a comprehensive harvest and understanding of some existing and similar skating take-off deck and fixed wing fighters, such as argumentation, design, R & D and construction, and have gained considerable experience. He said.

many people care why our second aircraft carriers still use skating take-off instead of ejection takeoff.

said to this, Li Jie said, "after a lot of scientific research, the Liaoning ship basically grasped the technology of landing and landing of the fixed wing aircraft on the carrier, and the combat effectiveness is quite practical. As for ejection technology, in fact, after years of exploring, learning and learning, we have a very deep understanding and mastery. But to use this technology, there must be a lot of financial and technological support. Not that you can master this technology, but also have a corresponding carrier based aircraft. This requires a series of systematic work, not a simple project. "

"at the same time, if our country is going to use electromagnetic catapult, we should use advanced arresting system and new concept weapons. This requires a lot of electricity, and if the conventional power is used, it will be a bit out of the way. Therefore, the aircraft carrier is not an advanced system or weapons mounted on the line, but should be taken into consideration. " He said.

Li Jie pointed out, "it can be judged that the future development of China's domestic aircraft carrier will be speeded up. With the mastery of technology and technology and financial resources and national strategy, the way of take-off will gradually change from today's skating to steam ejection and even electromagnetic ejection. The aircraft carrier machine will also be complete, especially the fixed wing early warning machine, electronic war aircraft and so on. In the future, if conditions and technology are mature, we can gradually develop from conventional power to nuclear power. If conditions are ripe, we can also develop some of the latest new concept weapons. "

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